Keeping track of community service hours is easy with VolunteerHub’s volunteer management solution.

In 2017 alone, over 62.6 million people volunteered their time for causes they are passionate about. Some of these volunteers fulfilled opportunities in exchange for community service hours. Tracking community service hours is vital for both your nonprofit and for the volunteers needing an accurate forecast of their contributions. VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software can help your nonprofit to accurately track volunteer hours, communicate with supporters, run reports to see insights and eliminate dependence on a manual community service hour tracking process.

Let’s look at a few features of VolunteerHub’s volunteer management solution that can improve your organization’s community service program.

Reduce Community Service Program Risk with Waivers

Utilizing community service volunteers is a great way to increase opportunity fulfillment and broaden volunteer recruitment efforts. As with any volunteers that work with your organization it is vital to protect against mishaps that can occur during opportunity fulfillment. Deploying volunteer liability waivers can help your nonprofit avoid risks and exposure to unnecessary liability. VolunteerHub’s volunteer management platform allows nonprofits to create job and date specific liability waivers and make them a part of the opportunity registration process.

Make Scheduling Community Service Hours a Breeze

Without automation scheduling volunteers to fulfill community service hours can be cumbersome and require a lot of paperwork. A manual process can also make the ability to assess impact nearly impossible. In fact, 34% of nonprofits say that lack of resources prevents program impact assessment. Volunteer management tools, like VolunteerHub, automate the process of community service scheduling and free up time to focus on other aspects of community service programs.

Here are a few ways VolunteerHub is impacting the volunteer scheduling process:

Opportunity-specific landing pages:

VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software allows organizations, like yours, to create opportunity-specific landing pages for each of their volunteer opportunities. By creating unique landing pages for each opportunity your nonprofit can easily manage separate events and market opportunities to individuals looking to volunteer and/or fill community service hour obligations. Your nonprofit organization can use this functionality to create specific branding and experiences for each volunteer initiative.

Volunteer self-sign-up:

Volunteer management software, like VolunteerHub, can reduce the time-restraints and challenges that a manual sign-up process can put on both your organization and the volunteer prospects who want to fill roles. With a volunteer management solution deployed volunteers can sign-up for opportunities and look for additional roles to fill via your organization’s website. Utilizing our solution both reduces your internal staffs time and streamlines the sign-up process for supporters.

Volunteer recruitment:

Volunteer management software, like VolunteerHub, makes it easy to find volunteers looking to fulfill community service hours and opportunities. Organizations using VolunteerHub have easy access to a centralized database of past volunteers that can be reached out to quickly and efficiently. Our volunteer management platform also includes social media, email, and text communication features to help you’re nonprofit communicate effectively with volunteer prospects.  We will discuss our communication features next.


Communicate Effectively with Community Service Volunteers

Effective communication is essential if your nonprofit wants to reach and attract prospects looking to fill community service hours. VolunteerHub automates the communication process for your nonprofit. Your organization can use our volunteer management platform to send customizable emails in designated intervals, inform volunteers of changes or new opportunities via text messaging, and send follow-up communications after an opportunity is filled to increase retention.


See, Analyze, and Report Trends

Understanding how your volunteer program is performing and analyzing trends that can be leveraged is an important component and value proposition of volunteer management software, like VolunteerHub. Your organization can use volunteer program data to measure volunteer impact, identify which opportunities yielded the most registrants, review gaps and influx in volunteer attendance, and make adjustments that can push your program further.



VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software can help your organization recruit, retain, track, and report community service hours filled by volunteers. Learn how we can help your organization eliminate a manual process today.

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