Waiver Tracking

Our volunteer management software reduces risk with Advanced Liability Waivers.

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Waiver Tracking
Volunteer Liability Waiver Tablet

Advanced Liability Waivers can prepare your organization and help avoid exposure to unnecessary liability.

When volunteering for an organization or nonprofit, individuals can be participating in several different kinds of activities or events, from operating saws for a Habitat for Humanity build to operating forklifts or stacking heavy boxes for a food bank. VolunteerHub's Advanced Liability Waivers will provide organizational peace of mind.

What is a volunteer liability waiver?

A volunteer liability waiver, or volunteer release form, is a document that volunteers are required to sign before they are allowed to participate in your activities, and can vary based on your organization’s mission.

Waivers typically require the volunteer to hold the nonprofit harmless in the event of an accident or other events, and they help specify the scope of the volunteer’s relationship with your organization. In the event of an unforeseen accident, the document serves as a guide for both parties.

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Managing multiple job or date-specific liability forms

You may need several different waivers for your volunteers instead of one generic waiver. Create unique forms to address the specifics of the job being performed, and easily set an expiration date when you create each new waiver. When registering for an event, adult volunteers will simply accept the waiver electronically by checking a box.

Volunteer Waivers

Advanced Liability Waivers can serve many purposes.

Ensuring parental consent for minors

Don’t rely on a file folder of handwritten parental approvals. Instead, use VolunteerHub to set a minor or adult waiver when you create an event. Minors are prompted to print the waiver and receive parental approval, and the system automatically prohibits check-in until the guardian waiver form has been submitted.

Screenshot of adult Liability Waiver Tracking on VolunteerHub software waiver-minor

Registration made easy

Once your volunteers have accepted a waiver, VolunteerHub automatically keeps record of it in the signed waivers archive. When repeat volunteers return to help, the system checks the archive and bypasses the waiver acceptance process until your waiver expires. This keeps your volunteers from having to jump through unnecessary hoops.

Screenshot of VolunteerHub Waiver Tracking functionality, which reduce risk with Advanced Liability Waivers

Advanced Liability Waivers streamline onsite check-ins

This is particularly true for processing walk-up volunteers. From the administrator’s tablet, smartphone or computer, you can review the volunteer’s waiver history with a few clicks.

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