Automated volunteer scheduling can improve your nonprofits ability to effectively manage volunteers and eliminate the hassles of a manual data-entry process.

A manual process for scheduling volunteers is a huge challenge that many nonprofits face. A manual process can lead to overwhelming amounts of paperwork that is prone to error during data-entry execution. Deploying an automated volunteer scheduling solution is one of the best steps your organization can take to eliminate these nuances and harvest more reliable data. At VolunteerHub, we have worked with many nonprofits to solve the issues that a manual tracking and scheduling process presents. Here are a few of our most recent case studies.

In today’s post, we will discuss a few of the key benefits of automated volunteer scheduling and how your organization can streamline the experience for volunteers as a whole.

Why is Accurate Volunteer Data Important?

Making data-driven decisions regarding the current state and future development of your nonprofits volunteer program starts by capturing accurate data that answers questions. Relying on a manual data capture process increases the risk of error and eats up manpower hours. If your organization’s data regarding volunteers is not accurate than how do you know that you are making the right decisions? Volunteer scheduling software is a great tool to limit the amount of manpower needed and ensure accurate metrics are being calculated.


Volunteer Scheduling Software - Automation of Registration Process

The volunteer registration process can be challenging for organizations that do not have a automated volunteer scheduling solution to streamline the process. Recruiting volunteers manually requires hours of outreach and stacks of paperwork.

An automated volunteer registration process can reduce the amount of paperwork like sign-in sheets and allow nonprofits to instantly track the number of opportunity registrants in an easy to access dashboard. Finally, an automated registration process improves the overall experience for volunteers by making opportunity sign-up more convenient.

Learn more about VolunteerHub’s volunteer registration feature


Volunteer Scheduling Software - Increase Recruitment Capabilities

Without an automated volunteer scheduling process leveraging your existing volunteer contacts for new opportunities is a difficult task. Volunteer scheduling software, like VolunteerHub, allows an organization to categorize volunteer contacts, find volunteers with specific skills, and reach out to supporters regarding opportunities they may be interested in filling. Completing this process manually would take hours upon hours. Automated volunteer scheduling is also helping nonprofits to ask prospects the right questions for each organizational opportunity. Asking the right questions is crucial in identifying the best volunteer for each unique opportunity.

Did you know that nonprofits who understand volunteer impact, on average, increase recruitment efforts by 19%? A scheduling software solution can help your organization to understand the impact and leverage it.

Learn more about VolunteerHub’s volunteer recruitment features


Volunteer Scheduling Software - Improved Communication

Communication with volunteers can either make or break your organization’s ability to find quality prospects to fill roles. If your organization relies on a manual communication process chances are you are missing out on following up in an effective manner. Automated volunteer scheduling software can handle much of the communication process for your organization.

An automated process can allow your team to quickly send volunteers follow-up communications such as email and texts and notify them quickly when an opportunity changes or new roles become available. With VolunteerHub, organizations have the capability to quickly send notifications to all opportunity volunteers eliminating the manual constraints of individual communications.

Learn more about VolunteerHub’s volunteer communication features


volunteer scheduling software - easy access to data on demand

One of the biggest benefits of an automated volunteer scheduling process is the ability to access data whenever and wherever you are. Organizations can gain visibility into volunteers fulfilling a specific opportunity without the need to carry around paperwork that is prone to errors.


Scheduling software, like VolunteerHub, can provide your nonprofit with many features that streamline your volunteer management process and give you the ability to leverage volunteer data. The features discussed in this post are just a small number of the capabilities that VolunteerHub can provide.

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