Run and analyze volunteer reports with VolunteerHub.

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Categorize volunteer participation

VolunteerHub implements reports that categorize volunteer participation in a variety of ways.

Reports are extremely beneficial for evaluating metrics such as volunteering trends, preferences and even return on investment.

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VolunteerHub is preloaded with standard reporting options,
allowing you to instantly review volunteer attendance,
activity and trends.

Screenshot of Reporting Export Users on VolunteerHub

The starting and ending dates can be set to create a range for each event.

Logging volunteer hours is simplified thanks to VolunteerHub’s intuitive hour input feature.

Standard Volunteer Reports

VolunteerHub offers a variety of standard reports, enabling the analysis of information housed within the platform.

Volunteer Rosters
Volunteer Sign In Sheets
Registration History Information (by Event, User, etc)

Screenshot of User Roster Reporting on VolunteerHub management software

Optional Volunteer Report Apps

For advanced volunteer reporting, the following premium apps offer additional functionality.

Import/Export App –
VolunteerHub’s Import/Export App can export volunteer information in standard comma-delimited (CSV) format that could then be imported to other software applications. The export function can be limited to include only volunteers within a particular user group or whose user form data has changed since a particular date.

screenshot of VolunteerHub Export Users and Reporting Functionality

UploadsApp – Files (such as PDF files, graphics, text files, and so on) can be uploaded to VolunteerHub and referenced.

OnSite App – VolunteerHub’s OnSite App adds a barcode next to each volunteer listed on the printable sign-in sheet and enables installation of an onsite barcode scanner. This can be used to quickly record attendance of volunteers on site.

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