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With the many events planned by a nonprofit throughout the course of a year, keeping track of volunteer sign up forms and other related documents can be a big challenge. Paper-based systems are inefficient and can add to the stress of your workforce.

Volunteer sign up sheets can easily get misplaced or lost, creating a breakdown in communication and workflow. However, thanks to systems such as VolunteerHub, your volunteer coordinator can manage registrations in a secure, cloud-based volunteer management software platform. VolunteerHub acts as a volunteer registration software that eliminates significant amounts of administrative work. Since the volunteer sign-up form is web-based, the days of filling out hard copy registration sheets are over.

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Automate the Volunteer Registration Process

The VolunteerHub system automatically emails registration verifications, reminders, and thank you notes. Coordinators have the ability to log in and track the number of event registrants in the convenient user dashboard. On the day of the event, you can easily print a sign-in sheet from the VolunteerHub system, which significantly simplifies attendance taking. VolunteerHub’s rigorous registration model limits and controls the number of volunteers who can sign up for a given opportunity. This registration model was developed through years of collaboration with Habitat for Humanity chapters who have very specific and thorough specifications around registration workflow.

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Can a Volunteer Registration System Increase Volunteerism?

Many of our clients have experienced increases in volunteerism, due to the convenience of offering volunteer sign up online. Volunteers can browse upcoming events on your site from the convenience of their home, which increases the probability of registration. In addition, VolunteerHub gives your nonprofit the flexibility to register entire groups such as corporations, church volunteers, and other large entities.

VolunteerHub can even add new volunteers to multiple groups such as “Requires Orientation,” “Requires Background Check,” etc. As the volunteer receives the proper orientation, she is removed from each group and only allowed to login after being removed from all such user groups

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