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When you're in the business of helping others, time is often of the essence.

However, writing and sending several individual emails manually can be time consuming. And as event details change, volunteers need to find updates quickly. Save time and engage with your volunteers more effectively using VolunteerHub’s Automated Communication capabilities including emails and SMS text messaging.

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You can create custom messages to be sent at intervals you designate. The system lets volunteers know what they’ve signed up for, sends them reminders in advance of the event, and even sends a follow-up note afterward to thank volunteers for their attendance.

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Text Messages

When it comes to last-minute changes, texting may be the better choice. For example, maybe the weather isn’t cooperating, a natural disaster has occurred and you need to reach first responders right away, or volunteers are cancelling for an event last-minute and you need to recruit additional support.

VolunteerHub allows you to text your volunteers to communicate these important messages and manage them in real time, and while bypassing email inboxes that they may or may not be checking on a regular basis. This not only makes a coordinator’s job infinitely easier, but also demonstrates to volunteers that you value their time.

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VolunteerHub provides that features that your organization needs to get the most out of your volunteer program and eliminate time constraints. Request a demo to learn how VolunteerHub can help your organization better recruit, engage, and manage volunteers.

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