Looking for a way to support your new volunteer coordinator? VolunteerHub is must-have volunteer management software that can optimize every facet of their role.

Lets face it, volunteer coordinators handle a lot when it comes to running an effective volunteer program. One minute they could be recruiting volunteers, and the next overseeing them. Without software to help streamline the process, coordinating volunteers can be daunting for even the most seasoned professional. In fact, over 36% of volunteer coordinators leave an organization before reaching two years of employment. Investing in volunteer management software is one of the best ways that your organization can setup a new volunteer coordinator for success.

At VolunteerHub, we have helped countless overwhelmed volunteer coordinators automate tasks, streamline processes, and save significant amounts of time.

Before determining if software is right for your organization consider all of the responsibilities your new coordinator will inherit.

A few of the most common volunteer coordinator duties include:

1. Sourcing and recruiting volunteers (databases, email etc.)

2. Collecting information on volunteer availability, skills, and interests.

3. Communicating with individual volunteers and corporate groups.

4. Keeping up-to-date records of volunteer information and assignments.

5. Training new volunteers.

6. Coordinating award and recognition programs.

7. Running reports and measuring data.

As you can see, volunteer coordinators have a lot on their plate and saving time is crucial to their success. I am sure the same can be said within your organization. VolunteerHub provides the industry-leading volunteer management software to support your new coordinator. Here are just a few of the benefits of our solution.

Volunteer Recruitment & Registration

It should come as no surprise, but, one of the top challenges for new volunteer coordinators is recruiting volunteers and the time-consuming process often associated with it. The best way to help new volunteer coordinators overcome this obstacle is by setting manageable (obtainable) goals, incentivizing word-of-mouth recruitment, prioritizing retention, and investing in time-saving tools.

One of the biggest benefits of VolunteerHub is the ability to create event-specific landing pages that target individual volunteers or groups. From there, new volunteer coordinators can create and post opportunities, and allow volunteers to self-register.

VolunteerHub can help new volunteer coordinators attract more corporate sponsors, increase volunteer registration by creating dedicated event pages with all the details they need, and engage both existing volunteers and prospects.

Did we mention that volunteers can sign-up for volunteer opportunities from anywhere with an internet connection? Or that we offer kiosk functionality? Or that you can collect and track waivers?

With VolunteerHub, volunteer recruitment and registration no longer needs to take up hours of your volunteer coordinators time, or be a barrier for volunteers.

Data Collection

Keeping accurate and up-to-date volunteer data can become a real-challenge if your organization relies on manual data-entry, even more so if you have to train a new volunteer coordinator on how to collect and input information. I cant begin to tell you how many volunteer coordinators I have talked to who inherited an unorganized process for collecting volunteer data that involved countless spreadsheets and post-it notes.

Data-entry errors are inevitable. In fact, according to studies, humans will average an accuracy rate of around 95%.

VolunteerHub makes the data-collection process easy for new volunteer coordinators, while reducing administrative tasks.

Since volunteers update their own contact information in VolunteerHub, our volunteer database system has been shown to reduce coordinators’ time answering calls, emails, and following up. Perhaps the best part is that VolunteerHub is cloud-based, saving your nonprofit storage space while allowing your coordinator to access data from anywhere with an internet connection (example: on-site during a volunteer event).

Communication with Volunteers

Building a good rapport with volunteers will help a new volunteer coordinator settle into their role quickly, communication is the key.

VolunteerHub offers several communication features that volunteer coordinators can use to update, remind, and thank volunteers.

These communication features include automated text and email messages.

Gone are the days of sending individual messages to volunteers manually.

Rewards & Recognition

Implementing a volunteer rewards and recognition program is a great way to keep supporters engaged. For volunteer coordinators, managing a rewards and recognition program and developing partnerships that lead to incentives within the community takes time, time they often don’t have.

You can support your volunteer coordinator and streamline your programs reward and recognition program by investing in VolunteerHub.

VolunteerHub software can help your new volunteer coordinator amplify volunteer retention through gamification, point-based rewards, and program-wide recognition.

Did you know that gamification has been shown to increase workforce engagement by around 60%? It is worth the investment.

Check out how The Students Association of MacEwan University is using VolunteerHub to engage and retain volunteers through its reward program.


How is your volunteer program performing? For many volunteer coordinators, reporting is one of their biggest challenges, yet it is so important to success. If your organization does not have a process in place for measuring volunteer impact, you are not alone. In fact, only 55% of nonprofits actively measure it. If you have a new volunteer coordinator who wants to understand your program and measure how their contributions impact it, this can be a barrier to their success.

VolunteerHub is preloaded with standard reporting options, allowing your volunteer coordinator to instantly review volunteer attendance, activity and trends.


Coming in to an organization as a new volunteer coordinator is tough, especially if your organization does not have tools in place to support them. Expecting a new volunteer coordinator to quickly adapt to a manual volunteer management process is a big ask, and it often results in turnover in their position. VolunteerHub provides the volunteer management software that your organization needs to help your volunteer coordinator recruit, engage, and manage volunteer constituents effectively.

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