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Engage your volunteers with gamification, rewards and recognition.

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rewards and recognition
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Add competition and incentive to your volunteer management efforts.

VolunteerHub’s Volunteer Recognition feature adds competition and incentive to your volunteer management efforts, which can increase volunteer engagement.

Plus, showing appreciation for your volunteers can boost retention. The feature can be added to your organization’s volunteer management software and configured to your specifications.

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Give Something Back

With Volunteer Recognition, you’ll have the freedom to design your reward program any way you see fit. For example, each volunteer opportunity can be given a value. When a volunteer completes a role they will be given the selected value, which they can apply towards designated rewards. This will happen automatically when the volunteer receives hours for the opportunity, so when volunteers sign in to their account, they can view the events they attended, the point value that was applied and all of the points they have been rewarded.

Plus, a Volunteer Leaderboard will encourage friendly competition by allowing volunteers to view their position in comparison to other volunteers within your organization.

Volunteer Gamification

Edit and Track Volunteer Recognition

Each administrator can reward or edit the point value given to any volunteer, and your organization can reward more points to volunteers that have gone above and beyond.

For example, volunteers could exchange their points for your organization’s branded gear or opportunities you organize. This can also be a great way to increase your organization’s brand awareness as volunteers wear your gear and promote your cause and organization.

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Generate Reward Balance Reports

Administrators also have the ability to generate reports showing reward balances for specific volunteers and opportunity types.

Just enter specifications and quickly pull the desired report. By pulling your desired report, your organization can assess where your volunteers are motivated to give their time, and assessing your marketing efforts and events is a great way to improve your volunteer management processes.


volunteer rewards and recognition

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