Virtual Volunteer Check-In

Streamline events and manage volunteers on the go with Virtual Check-In.

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Contactless Check-In-Volunteers

Reduce Risk with Contactless Check-In

VolunteerHub's Contactless Check-In feature is easy to set-up and generates a day-specific QR code or passcode that volunteers can use to check-in to events from their mobile device, eliminating unnecessary contact and reducing risk.

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Eliminate Check-In Complexity

Schedule overlap, hour tracking requirements, multiple points of entry and walk-up volunteers can all add to the complexity of event check-in. VolunteerHub meets these challenges with the mobile OnSite App and Virtual Kiosk, which simplify the process and offer you more flexibility when working with volunteers to run your events more efficiently.

Manage Volunteers With VolunteerHub

OnSite App

Designed for Tablets and Other Mobile Devices
The most noticeable benefit of VolunteerHub’s OnSite App is how clean it looks on mobile devices. Simply launch VolunteerHub in your device’s browser, and the application dynamically resizes for your screen’s resolution. In addition to the design’s modern look and feel, the OnSite App offers a simplified navigation that is more conducive to mobile usage.

Get Out in the Field with Your Volunteers
As the name implies, the “OnSite App” helps volunteer coordinators move out from behind the desk and engage volunteers. Take VolunteerHub with you wherever your mobile device is connected to the internet. Many administrators use their smartphones, which they have handy anyway.

Add “Walk-Up” Volunteers
In addition, the OnSite App streamlines the processing of “walk-up” volunteers. Admins simply press “add user” and follow the prompts. It’s that easy.

Process More Volunteers in Less Time
Your volunteers want to show up and get down to business, so waiting in a long check-in line can be frustrating for them and negatively impact how they perceive your organization. With VolunteerHub’s OnSite App, the sleek user interface simplifies check-in to be just a few taps away.

OnSite can even be configured to “self-serve mode,” allowing volunteers to check themselves into your events. Scroll down to the “Virtual Kiosk” section of this article to learn more about this major advancement.

No More Forgetting to Follow Up
When a volunteer is checked in, the OnSite App automatically tracks hours based on the event’s duration and stores the information securely in your VolunteerHub volunteer database. If the volunteer stays longer than anticipated, the administrator can easily adjust the duration as needed.

Virtual Kiosk

The Kiosk App is an optional application and is included with the OnSite App at no additional charge in some VolunteerHub plans (Pro, Enterprise). If your organization does not yet have it or want to add it to your plus plan, contact us for more information on how your organization can get started using the Kiosk and OnSite Apps.

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Tablet as a Kiosk Station

Picture how a normal check-in kiosk works. Now, replace the expensive kiosk system with a tablet already lying around your office! Mount the tablet to a wall or desktop and volunteers can check themselves into your events with a few taps. A volunteer simply types the first few letters of his or her name (or username, phone number). Instantly, the volunteer sees his or her name to the right of the keypad, making self check-in a breeze.

Screenshot of VolunteerHub OnSite App and Virtual Kiosk on iPad

Print & Post

Let’s imagine you’re in charge of a marathon. The marathon has 12 check-in stations for volunteers, spread throughout the course. With the QR extension of the Virtual Kiosk, you’d simply print out 12 sheets of paper with a QR code. At each check-in station, each printout can be taped to a wall or tabletop. As volunteers arrive, they simply scan the QR code with their smartphones.

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VolunteerHub provides that features that your organization needs to get the most out of your volunteer program and eliminate time constraints. Request a demo to learn how VolunteerHub can help your organization better recruit, engage, and manage volunteers.

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