Is your volunteer management process working for your organization or against it?

At VolunteerHub, we have a unique opportunity to talk to nonprofits every day about their current volunteer management process and how volunteer management software can help them reach their goals and streamline the way they handle volunteer data, communication, engagement, recruitment, and management. Many of the organizations that we talk to are encountering the same issues with their volunteer management process which has led them to explore volunteer management solutions.

Your organization may have similar issues, as well, that could be preventing your volunteer program from reaching its goals and/or growing to its full potential. What barriers is your volunteer management process causing? Is your process and how you recruit, engage, and manage volunteers in line with your nonprofits mission, values, and goals.

Here are four common problems that nonprofits experience with an outdated volunteer management process or by deploying the wrong software solution to support their program.


Problem 1: Your Volunteer Management Solution Doesn’t Match Your Brand

Your nonprofits brand is an important component of what makes your organization unique. How your nonprofit communicates your brand to the community can create opportunity and build relationships. Is your volunteer management process and system congruent with your brand image? We have talked to many nonprofits who use volunteer management software that lacks customization and branding. The best volunteer management software solutions create an experience that is easily digestible and familiar to supporters. Is your current solution representing your brand or creating confusion?

VolunteerHub Solution: Personalization

Our volunteer management software can be customized to suit your nonprofits brand and look like an extension of your organization.

Here is an example of the type of branding your organization can deploy using our volunteer management system.








Problem 2: Your Investing too Much Time Recording Volunteer Data / Creating Reports

Another issue that we encounter frequently when talking to nonprofits is the amount of time it takes to run their program successfully. The role of Volunteer Coordinator is challenging enough without inefficiencies holding them back. Many organizations are investing hundreds of hours into manually capturing volunteer data, creating usable reports, and organizing their system. This time could be better invested into volunteer engagement, creating new relationships in the community, and innovating their program as a whole.

VolunteerHub Solution: Opportunity Landing Pages / Volunteer Database

Our software allows volunteers to self-register and information to be captured in an easy to understand volunteer database. Reports can be created from anywhere with an internet connection eliminating hurdles and substantially reducing the time investment found in a manual process of management.

Check out this quote from Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem:

“VolunteerHub has saved our organization hundreds of hours a year by streamlining our volunteer management process.” Rob Lemons, Director of Volunteer Services, Ronald McDonald Winston-Salem


Problem 3: You Don’t Have an Efficient Way to Communicate with Volunteers

Effective communication is one of the most successful strategies to engage volunteers. Many nonprofits spend hours and hours sending one-off communications, such as email and texts to volunteers. This method of communication is not efficient and scalable as your organization grows and the amount of volunteer contacts grows with it. Manual communications also make it difficult (if not impossible) to remind volunteers of upcoming opportunities and thank them for fulfillment. How many hours does your Volunteer Coordinator spend communicating with volunteers?

VolunteerHub Solution: Communication Features

Our volunteer management software makes communication with volunteers easy. Messages (email, texts) can be sent to a single volunteer, groups of volunteers, or all volunteer contacts. Our communication features also include registration reminders and recognition.







Problem 4: Your Organization is Nervous About Transition

Transitioning to a new software solution for volunteer management can be scary. You may not be sure where to begin or what the process entails. Many nonprofits that we talk to have handled volunteer management the same for years, regardless of how efficient the process is. Like them, you may know that you need a better way to manage, recruit, and engage volunteers but the thought of change is impacting your ability to move forward.

VolunteerHub Solution: Support, Training, Implementation

We have helped thousands of organizations transition from manual management to our streamlined volunteer management solution. Our team will work with you and your team to make the transition as easy as possible through support, training, and ongoing assistance. Many nonprofits have provided positive feedback about our implementation and support.

Check out what Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis had to say:

“We greatly appreciate the customer service and support that we receive from VolunteerHub’s team. When we need support, we receive it quickly and efficiently.” said Mary Bachman, Director of Volunteer Resources, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis.


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