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Volunteer Communication

VolunteerHub provides your nonprofit with an online database of volunteer information, making communication a breeze.

In today’s nonprofit world, having instant access to information is extremely important. Nurturing relationships with stakeholders is no longer just an activity for fundraising. With the many options that people have for volunteering, keeping your nonprofit in the forefront is heavily dependent upon the quality of your business systems.

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    VolunteerHub has an integrated volunteer database built into the platform and is a comprehensive solution for nonprofits of all types.

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    Instantly, volunteer coordinators can monitor registration statistics, set up user groups, and assign permissions to group leaders.

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    Our system can improve program coordination through an easy-to-use administrator dashboard.

The VolunteerHub platform acts as an automated volunteer manager. 

Organize important information into an intuitive user dashboard. Since volunteers update their own contact information, our system has been shown to reduce coordinators’ time answering calls, emails, and following up. Perhaps the best part is that VolunteerHub is cloud-based, saving your nonprofits lots of storage space.

Communicate with your volunteer database

Within the volunteer database software, your team can quickly communicate with those contacts. VolunteerHub has a variety of ways of communicating with volunteers. Administration can send an email and/or SMS message to all volunteers in the database, volunteers within a specific user group, to individuals, to all volunteers registered for a given event, or to all volunteers who have registered for any event within a specific event group.

Our clients who use VolunteerHub as a league scheduling software or nonprofit membership software find these features especially beneficial for instant communication on time-sensitive programs.

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Ready to Start Managing Volunteers Electronically?

We offer several ways for nonprofits to “preview” our online volunteer management software. Our team would be glad to provide you with a live demo of the software, or you can get started now. Keep in mind that online volunteer scheduling is just one of the many features that are included in your subscription to VolunteerHub. To learn more about the many other features or to talk to a customer representative, call today at (877) 482-3340.

Find The Right Plan For You

VolunteerHub offers a collection of plans to support organizations of various sizes and industries with unique needs and budgets.