There are many benefits of volunteer management software for human rights organizations. Here are three strategic wins that management software can provide.

There are many nonprofits who focus on protecting human rights and making the world a better place for all of us. Human rights organizations are tasked with the difficult goal of fighting for injustice and providing support to the community. According to a report, developed by IBIS World, there are over 19,000 organizations in the United States focused on human rights with an annual growth of 4.1% between 2013 and 2018. Talk about a demonstrated need in the community! The need for volunteers in the human rights industry has also grown substantially. The same report, created by IBIS World, shows that the number of employees/volunteers in the industry has an annual growth of 3.3%. As support for human rights organizations grows, so does the need for a strategic volunteer management system to support them.

There are many benefits of volunteer management software for human rights organizations that can help them reach their goals, and be prepared for growth. Volunteer management software can save human rights organizations hundreds of hours a year and provide the technological support their organization needs to successfully manage and engage supporters. In today’s post, we will examine 3 of the top benefits that volunteer management software can provide a nonprofit focused on human rights.

Improved Communication with Volunteers

Communication is an important component of success for all nonprofits, including human rights organizations. In fact, a recent study found that 81% of people would rather join an organization with open communication, than one that offers great perks. Unfortunately, many human rights organizations still use a manual process to communicate information to supporters. Manual communications are prone to error and can cost an organization a lot of time and resources. Volunteer management software makes the process of providing volunteers with reminders, information on upcoming opportunities, and impact data streamlined and automated. Volunteer management technology, like VolunteerHub, allows human rights organizations to create automated texts and emails to send to supporters based on their interaction with the organization. The capability to automate communications also has a positive impact on a nonprofits ability to personalize communication with supporters.

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Enhanced Registration Process + Efficient Database

Another feature-set of volunteer management software that can help human rights organizations is online sign-up. Providing volunteers with the capability to sign-up for opportunities online can improve a human rights organization’s volunteer registration process and volunteer recruitment strategy. Volunteer management solutions, like VolunteerHub, make it easy for organizations to create landing pages and promote opportunities to supporters. Promoting opportunities via volunteer management software also ensures that data is accurately entering an organizations volunteer database, and that information can be quickly pulled and analyzed.

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Ability to Convert Volunteers to Donors

Studies have shown a direct correlation between volunteers and financial donors. According to a recent study, by Fidelity Charitable, two-thirds of volunteers also donate financially to an organization that they support. All nonprofits, including human rights organizations, need to focus on cross-pollinating their supporter groups to gain as much value as possible. Volunteer management software, like VolunteerHub, has the capability to connect to donor management software and CRM solutions such as Blackbaud and Salesforce. The native integration between CRM and volunteer management software can provide human rights organizations with insights into supporter behavior that can be used to cross-pollinate.

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Nonprofits that are focused on human rights play an important role in the community. As organizations grow, so does that need for a strategic solution for managing supporters, driving value, and measuring data. Human rights organizations can use volunteer management software to communicate with supporters, streamline registration, collect accurate data, and convert volunteers to donors (vice versa).

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