Many organizations are leveraging VolunteerHub to automate volunteer management. Here are 7 ways that VolunteerHub can help your organization eliminate constraints, improve efficiency, and create a better experience for volunteers.

According to a recent report, only 20% of volunteer managers are able to devote 100% of their time to volunteer management, and “time” is one of their top 6 challenges. If you are trying to increase the efficiency of your volunteer program and streamline volunteer recruitment, engagement, and management; VolunteerHub is the software for you. VolunteerHub has helped thousands of nonprofits through its industry-leading volunteer management software, and best-in-class training and support.

Below are 7 ways that VolunteerHub can help you save time and improve efficiency.

Make Registration a Breeze

One of the biggest benefits of VolunteerHub is the ability to automate individual volunteer and group registration. Once your VolunteerHub account is set-up, it requires minimal work to maintain and leverage. Adding new event groups, creating event landing pages, and promoting opportunities is easy. Volunteers are able to self-register from anywhere with an internet connection, saving your organization a significant amount of time and improving the overall experience for volunteers.

Do you want to allow volunteers to register to an event at the job site? You can do that with VolunteerHub.

Are you trying to deploy a contactless check-in process for volunteers? VolunteerHub offers that too.

Did I mention that you can easily update multiple opportunities at once through our Multi-Event Editor. The Multi-Event Editor allows you to modify the details of several events at once, including event descriptions and other basic information, start/end times, user registrations and group reservations.

Event Landing Pages for Volunteers

Event Landing Pages


Check out these quotes from a few VolunteerHub users:

“Our volunteer manager’s time has been able to significantly increase cultivation and recruitment strategies rather than spending such an enormous amount of time on scheduling volunteers.” Melanie McKean, Development Director for Preble Street

“Our biggest gain from moving away from a manual volunteer management process to VolunteerHub has been the ability to fully take advantage of our incredible staff’s skills and capabilities without being hindered by other less impactful tasks.” Megan Silbert, Director of Operations for Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain

Industry-Leading Integrations

VolunteerHub offers features designed to help your organization maximize efficiency across all facets of your volunteer program. From event landing pages and online volunteer registration to fundraising and integration with industry-leading CRM solutions, including Blackbaud and Salesforce.

If your organization wants to take automation even further, VolunteerHub also integrates with Zapier, Sterling Volunteers, PeopleFacts, and Xcelerate Media (LMS).

Check out what VolunteerHub users are saying about our features:

“VolunteerHub offers more strategic feature sets than other solutions when it comes to tracking and managing volunteers.” Hayley Harvey, Volunteer Coordinator, Humane Society of Sarasota County

“VolunteerHub has simplified every aspect of our volunteer management. Now, when people want to volunteer, they just go to our website. With one click, a volunteer can see all of the upcoming opportunities, register for an event that is appealing…and own it.” Barbara Massar, Executive Director for Pro Portsmouth, Inc

Eliminate Data Entry and Reduce Errors

When it comes to running a successful volunteer program, record management is key. VolunteerHub can help your organization automate the administration of records and collect actionable data about your volunteers, your opportunities, and your program, holistically. With VolunteerHub, you can eliminate the clutter associated with manual recording keeping and access your program data, securely, from anywhere with an internet connection.

“Prior to VolunteerHub we managed our volunteer program by hand. We had a system of spreadsheets, memory, and phone calls. The process was controlled chaos and was not allowing our team to use our time effectively and to its full potential.”  Mary Bachman, Director of Volunteer Resources for Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis

Mitigate Risk

If your organization requires volunteers to sign liability waivers or release forms, VolunteerHub can help automate that process as well. With VolunteerHub, you can create waivers and require volunteers to sign them before they are allowed to participate, or register for an opportunity. Waivers can be created and required for both adult and youth volunteers. This automation can prepare your organization and avoid exposure to unnecessary liability.


Advanced Liability Waivers

Advanced Waivers

Reduce Staff Turnover

Running a successful volunteer program involves many moving parts. From managing volunteers on-site to communicating with volunteers and maintaining accurate data, it can be a lot for even the most seasoned volunteer coordinator to handle. Unfortunately, burnout in the volunteer coordinator role is common and over 36% of volunteer coordinators leave an organization before reaching two years of employment. Turnover can be costly and set your volunteer program back.  VolunteerHub is designed to support volunteer coordinators and help them maintain an efficient program.


Effortlessly Ask Volunteers for Donations

VolunteerHub helps to bridge the gap between volunteers and donors by making the process of asking volunteers for financial donations easy. Did you know that financial contributions made by volunteers average ten times higher than non-volunteer donations? Volunteers are also more likely to donate than those who do not volunteer. With VolunteerHub, you can create donation pages and ask volunteers to donate after they register for opportunities. The best part about our Fundraising feature is that your volunteers never leave your VolunteerHub site for an instant while making a donation to your organization.

Volunteer Fundraising

Volunteer Fundraising


Automate Communications

When it comes to volunteer recruitment, engagement, and retention; effective communication means everything. VolunteerHub makes volunteer communication easy with automated reminders, general information, and thank-you messages that can be configured for email and text. Are you trying to provide information to a specific group of volunteers? You are able to do that with VolunteerHub software.


VolunteerHub is an all-in-one volunteer management software designed for volunteer coordinators and managers. The software streamlines volunteer registration, record management, communication, and engagement, while eliminating administrative data errors and saving organizations time.

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