Multi-Event Editor

Modify multiple volunteer events at once with the Multi-Event Editor in our volunteer management tool.

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Event Editor

Save time and effort with VolunteerHub's Multi-Event Editor.

When it comes to planning volunteer events, things can change quickly due to factors like inclement weather, schedule changes and volunteer availability.

But when you need to make a small change to several events, doing so one at a time can be a time-consuming task. By leveraging VolunteerHub’s Multi-Event Editor, users can save significant time and effort. Administrators can use a variety of filtering options, which makes it easy to quickly identify the events that should be modified.

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Events can be filtered by:
  • Date Range

  • Occurrence Pattern:

    Such as events occurring every other Monday

  • Event Start Time and End Time

  • User and Event Groups

  • Originating Recurrence Master

  • User Registration

Multi Event Editor Pattern Select

Once an administrator has selected the filter criteria, he or
she will then have the option to review (or deselect) the
events. When making event modifications, it’s important to
remember changes will be made to all selected events.

With the Multi-Event Editor, it is possible to:
  • Update event information, such as start times, locations and descriptions

  • Add, Modify or Remove a User Group Reservation

  • Add, Modify or Remove a User Reservation

  • Delete Selected Events

Make Modification - Event Editor

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