Does your CRM include all of your constituents?

Many nonprofits rely on donor-centric CRM systems to help manage relationships with past and potential donors. If implemented correctly, donor management software is very effective at reducing administrative work and increasing engagement.

But what about volunteers? How can your organization effectively track volunteer information and simultaneously convert them to donors?

An integrated volunteer CRM system, such as VolunteerHub, might be the right answer.

Why Nonprofits Need Volunteer CRMs

As the name implies, CRMs (Constituent Relationship Management systems) are designed to simplify the management of relationships and associated information. Stop and think about the many different types of relationships that your organization has with supporters. If you’re like most event-focused organizations, you likely rely on contributions from both donors and volunteers. However, not all volunteers are donors; and, not all donors are volunteers. Most donor-centric CRMs are optimized for managing relationships with those who give financially – not for donations of time and effort.

A volunteer CRM, such as VolunteerHub, offers a more customized experience for managing volunteers. It empowers your staff by helping them keep a pulse of the organization’s volunteer efforts via automatic reports and instant access to volunteer information. Volunteer hours, contact records, volunteer history, skills, and other important data are just a few keystrokes away.

Volunteer Event Participation - Volunteer CRM

Volunteers Do the Work for You

Since VolunteerHub regularly prompts volunteers to update their information, you can rest assured that records will always be accurate and reliable. Each volunteer has his or her own unique username and password, streamlining the update process and alleviating the administrative burden traditionally placed on your staff.

Volunteer Records Updating - Volunteer CRM

You can even ask volunteers to upload a profile photo, making it easier to connect names with faces and recognize volunteers at events. Something as simple as remembering a volunteer’s name can make all the difference.

Nimble Communication with Volunteers

Volunteer CRMs can also help distribute event-specific information quickly – without losing the personal touch. By combining volunteer list segmentation with emails and text messages, you can be sure to communicate the right message at exactly the right time. This delivers better event attendance and happier, more engaged volunteers.

event reminder - Volunteer CRM

360-Degree View of All Constituents

VolunteerHub even integrates with the most popular nonprofit CRM platforms, including The Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, Luminate CRM, eTapestry, and others.

VolunteerHub CRM

Seamless integration with these systems can save hours of unnecessary administrative work, but more importantly provide an overarching view of constituent information. With a few clicks, determine which volunteers have contributed financially, how many donors have volunteered, and any other relevant data you wish to track. In addition, converting volunteers to donors (and vice versa) can yield huge dividends

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