Keeping your volunteers organized can be challenging, especially if your nonprofit offers a variety of ways to get involved. For example, some volunteers may only want to be contacted if your event occurs in the summer. Or, perhaps you have a group of volunteers who have specialized skills, such as medical or construction expertise.

Rather than contacting your entire volunteer list for every single opportunity, VolunteerHub allows you to segment volunteer list using our groups feature. Segmenting your volunteer list into groups can be especially handy for organizing volunteers, based on:

  • Skill
  • Interest
  • Availability
  • Corporate Volunteers
  • Certification
  • Background Screening Status

User groups are very flexible – and simple to set up in VolunteerHub. Here’s how it works.

How to Create a Volunteer User Group to Segment Volunteer List

1. From the People tab in VolunteerHub, click “Add User Group”

add user group volunteerhub

2. Provide a name and description for your user group. Then, set your preferences for how volunteers will be added to the group.

VolunteerHub User Group

3. Save the user group, and you’re all done.

Now, you can quickly communicate with the specific volunteer group that you are targeting. This can lead to better volunteer registration rates, stronger attendance rates, and happier volunteers.

Happy managing!

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