Texting’s popularity increases each year. How can your organization capitalize on this communication method, and text volunteers?

Meet Molly and Holly, both of whom are teen program coordinators, and see how two common volunteer-related texting scenarios play out.

Frustrated Molly

Molly coordinates a group of high school leaders who peer tutor middle schoolers. She uses her smartphone to search for each leader’s phone number and then pastes in a reminder message. Half of the time, Molly forgets to text volunteers, resulting in poor attendance on the day of the event.

When Molly remembers to text volunteers reminders, responses quickly flood her phone and interrupt her train of thought. She has to go through the list several times and double check that everyone has been contacted. This involves a lot of time and frustration for Molly.

Happy Holly

Contrast Molly’s frustration to Holly’s experience with VolunteerHub. Holly also coordinates teen volunteers for a monthly service project. Her volunteers have already self-registered within VolunteerHub and opted-in to receive text messages. Holly doesn’t have to remember to send the text each week because VolunteerHub remembers for her.

For special texts, Holly simply logs into her VolunteerHub account, selects the particular group she wants to contact, clicks the messaging tab to type her message, and then clicks “send.”

text volunteers

Holly saves countless hours of frustration by bulk texting her volunteers. She also gains peace of mind knowing that she didn’t inadvertently miss a volunteer – or that she simply forgot to send the text in the first place.

Holly is all set with VolunteerHub’s SMS Text Messaging feature, and you can be too. To learn more about how VolunteerHub can help your nonprofit, watch our overview video.

Hopefully Molly will get this message before she wastes any more of her time and energy. TTFN!

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