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Most nonprofits strive for effective volunteer management processes. Doing so is a win-win situation. The resources of the organization are maximized and, at the same time, volunteers appreciate a streamlined experience. Managing volunteers online is now the most efficient strategy. Online volunteer management improves the overall process.

On the other hand, when volunteer management is haphazard, an organization is likely to cause frustration among volunteers and increase the probability of churn.

How can your organization streamline the management of volunteers? Many organizations rely on volunteer management software to do exactly that. In this post, we’ll explore the merits of electronic volunteer management and compare efficiency versus paper-based systems.

The Pain of Paper and Spreadsheets

It may surprise you to know that, according to our recent study, 30 percent of nonprofits use time-draining solutions such as spreadsheets, electronic documents, or even paper.

how nonprofits manage volunteers

One of our respondents shares the frustration of this situation, commenting that volunteer registration at her organization is “spread over various systems – paper, spreadsheets, or calendars.” Another sums it up this way: “The whole process is a headache.”

Why Start Managing Volunteers Online?

Conversely, 56 percent of respondents have switched to online volunteer management. Why? Simply put, online volunteer management leverages the power of automation. This explains why volunteer management software users are much more inclined to feel that their volunteer programs are efficient (93%) as opposed to those not using an electronic platform (51%).

volunteer management software efficiency

Online volunteer management allows information to be housed in a secure, centralized location. A cloud-based system also makes the data available 24/7 and frees staff from a barrage of phone calls, emails, and paper documents.

An electronic solution is convenient not only for staff, but also for volunteers. With this approach, volunteers are able to access an organization’s schedule and register for opportunities from any web-enabled device.

More than Scheduling

The advantages of online volunteer management don’t stop there. In fact, more advanced systems such as VolunteerHub offer significant value, such as:

  • Better data: volunteers are routinely prompted to update their contact information
  • Better communication with volunteers: send emails and text messages with a few clicks
  • More secure information: reduce risk of information loss with automatic, secure backups
  • Integrated operations: open communication between your volunteer management software and your donor management process (learn more about VolunteerHub’s integration with Blackbaud’s suite of CRMs).

Considering the Switch to Managing Volunteers Online?

If your organization is among the 30% of nonprofits still struggling with paper and spreadsheets, VolunteerHub is here to help. Our online volunteer management system has earned a 96% satisfaction rating, and we’re sure that you’ll love the power of VolunteerHub, too. From registration, communication, and reporting capabilities to more advanced features, such as integration with Blackbaud’s suite of CRMs, event-specific entry pages, mobile device compatibility, and on-site app, VolunteerHub will help boost your volunteer program’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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