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Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain is using VolunteerHub to promote corporate partnerships, individualize sign-ups, reduce data-entry, and increase program recruitment efforts.

Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain (JA) is focused on empowering students to own their economic success. The nonprofit, based in Colorado, prepares youth and young adults (kindergarten through 12th grade) to become financially literate, work ready, and entrepreneurial.

Each program­­, provided by JA, is taught by volunteers and is focused on bringing the real world into classrooms and teaching concepts that are not formally built into the school’s curriculum.

During the 2016/2017 school year, JA reached 126,417 students in Metro Denver, Northern Colorado, and Wyoming at 500+ area schools. All of the programs provided to schools are free of charge and utilize the help of volunteers to present the material.

JA also offers experiential programs including JA Finance Park (6,000 sq. ft. facility), where students can practice personal budgeting. JA recruited 6,137 volunteers during the 2016/2017 school year to assist in reaching their mission and goals.

“We would not exist without dedicated volunteers to work with students and help us with mission attainment. Volunteers are the heartbeat of our service to the community,” said Megan Silbert, director of operations for Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain.



Need for a Centralized Volunteer Management Solution

Running a successful program that relies heavily on volunteer involvement is challenging without the right tools in place. Prior to using VolunteerHub, JA used several online tools in conjunction with manual data-entry to manage, recruit, and report program results. As their reach grew and corporate partnerships increased, so did the need for a centralized all-in-one volunteer management solution.

JA realized that they were spending a significant amount of time on manually capturing and entering data into their volunteer database. Time that could be spent focused on recruitment.

“We realized we needed a solution to individualize each of our sign-ups for corporate sponsors that would automatically feed volunteer information into our database to save time and allow us to invest it in other areas of growth for our program,” said Megan Silbert, director of operations for Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain.

VolunteerHub is Streamlining Junior Achievement’s Recruitment Process

JA is using VolunteerHub to improve their recruitment and data-capture process in several strategic ways. First, their organization is able to create individual landing pages for each of their corporate sponsors that makes online sign-up through a specific partner easier and more intuitive for volunteers.

JA loves that these landing pages can easily be updated and monitored for success.  Second, the waiver tracking feature of VolunteerHub makes it easy for JA to send waivers and monitor who has signed them.

Finally, the form capabilities and features in VolunteerHub make the process as easy as possible for repeat volunteers by allowing them to bypass form fields they have completed in past opportunity fulfillment. Implementing VolunteerHub has positively impacted JA’s entire volunteer management process from start to finish.

Volunteers can easily access available opportunities, sign-up, complete annual waivers, and stay engaged on the front end. On the back end, JA can quickly update their volunteer database and run reports to see if they are meeting their program goals.

“We absolutely love the landing page feature of VolunteerHub! We now have the ability to create and update individual pages for each of the companies we work with enhancing our corporate partnership capabilities,” said Megan Silbert, director of operations, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain.

“Our biggest gain from moving away from a manual volunteer management process to VolunteerHub has been the ability to fully take advantage of our incredible staff’s skills and capabilities without being hindered by other less impactful tasks.” said Megan Silbert, director of operations, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain.

JA is making huge strides to teach our youth and young adults real-world concepts and transition them to leaders. With the help of VolunteerHub, volunteer management is no longer a burden and JA can now get the most out of one of their most valuable assets… their volunteers.

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