Retaining and engaging volunteers has become easier over time as technology has made staying connected simpler.

Through the use of volunteer management technology, it has never been easier to keep track and engage with your volunteer and donor base. Cloud-based technology makes the process even more streamlined by offering instant access to volunteer data whenever and wherever it is needed. Volunteer management software can work with your nonprofit organization to create events, share volunteer opportunities on social media, track volunteer interactions with your cause, integrate with other tools that your nonprofit is using such as CRM, and provide your nonprofit with key metrics to optimize organizational processes.

With volunteer management software, you can make the process of engaging volunteers simple and effective.

The Importance of retaining volunteers

It’s marketing fact universally acknowledged that keeping a client is easier – and cheaper – than acquiring a new client. This is because you’ve already done the hard work of selling, and now can focus on reminding them why they bought from you in the first place.

The same holds true for volunteers. If you can convince someone that your cause, one of the millions of registered nonprofits operating, is worth helping: you have won a big battle. In order to do so, it is key that your nonprofit organization makes the volunteer feel appreciated, and needed. You also want your volunteers to understand the positive impact they are making in the community and other people’s lives through their actions.

Retaining and engaging volunteers is a great way to recruit more

Happy volunteers who have been working with you for a while are your best brand advocates. These volunteers are so happy to be working for your nonprofit that they will recommend it to their friends. And to strangers.

Word of mouth whether that’s volunteers on the streets meeting people, or social media word of mouth, there is no better way to grow your volunteer numbers. Also, social media is a great place to give a shout out to those volunteers who have helped the most. Volunteer management tools also provide nonprofits with the ability to share event registration on social media to promote opportunities.

Volunteer management tools can provide nonprofits follow-up features as well such as sending thank you emails to volunteers who have completed their assignment. The simple things like letting people know how much you appreciated their efforts go a long way to ensuring they stay with you for the long-term. Did you know that the average length of time a person stays with a nonprofit they trust and love is 10 to 20 years?

There are exceptions to this rule, but on the whole, if you can give someone a reason to love your nonprofit almost as much as you, there’s a very good chance they’ll be with you for a long, long time.

How technology helps

Technology is making the process of staying connected with volunteers easier than it ever has been before. With the right volunteer management software, your organization will have the ability to send text, and email reminders to volunteers prior to the start of an event, track the hours a volunteer spends with your organization, and thank volunteers after an event. Volunteer management technology is making the process of creating nonprofit advocates easier than ever!

Technology is also becoming easier to use. Volunteer management tools are beginning to integrate to make the process of learning even more in-depth information about the people that impact you’re nonprofit even easier. A great example of two powerful volunteer management tools integrating is the relationship between VolunteerHub and Blackbaud’s suite of CRMs. The integration allows nonprofits to instantly connect volunteer and donor information which provides the nonprofit with more insights and an efficient process.

VolunteerHub and our integration with Blackbaud can provide the volunteer management solution that your organization needs to attract and retain volunteers and donors.

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