VolunteerHub is the best volunteer scheduling software for churches and religious organizations, here are 5 reasons why.

Many churches and religious organizations rely on the support of volunteers to make their ministries possible and achieve goals. Unfortunately, recruiting volunteers is one of the biggest challenges that religious organizations face. In fact, according to a national survey conducted by Faith Communities Today, 70% of religious organizations said they find recruiting volunteers continually challenging and sometimes impossible.

Another survey, reported by The Unstuck Group, found that the top 10% of churches in America engage more than 72% of their adult and student attenders in some kind of volunteer role.

With so many programs and desired outcomes relying on volunteers it is critical for religious organizations to invest in solutions.

Having the right tools in place to recruit, engage, and manage constituents can help religious organizations optimize their volunteer programs. Fortunately, VolunteerHub provides volunteer scheduling software to help churches reach and engage volunteers. Here are 5 reasons religious organizations should consider investing in VolunteerHub.

Campaign Landing Pages

For religious organizations that host events or leverage corporate partnerships, campaign landing pages are invaluable. With VolunteerHub, churches and religious organization’s can create Dynamic Campaign Pages to organize efforts, simplify registration, and provide supporters with a unique event experience. Being able to create landing pages for each volunteer event makes recruitment and promotion efforts easier by eliminating unnecessary clicks to get to the event details and registration process. Eliminating clicks will increase conversion.

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Volunteer Registration

For large religious organizations, dependent on volunteers, nothing slows down the recruitment process more than a manual registration process. With VolunteerHub, supporters can self-register for volunteer opportunities, eliminating data-entry for the religious organization and improving the experience for constituents.

VolunteerHub’s church volunteer scheduling software can enhance an organizations registration workflow by eliminating a significant amount of administrative work, automatically sending verifications and reminders, and tracking event registrants.

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Volunteer Communication

Effective communication with volunteers is one of the most important steps a religious organization can take to engage volunteers. Without automation, communication can quickly become a challenge when an organization is managing a large number of events, volunteers, partners, and opportunities. VolunteerHub makes communication easy. Organizations can use VolunteerHub to create, personalize, and send email and text messages to volunteers, quickly and efficiently.

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CRM Integration

Fundraising represents a substantial driver for most religious organizations and their ability to operate. In fact, 39% of all donations go to religious organizations and 80% of those donations come from individual donors. Because of this, it is important for churches and other religious establishments to bridge the gap between volunteers and donors. Identifying and leveraging the link between volunteers and donors will help religious organizations avoid missing cross-pollination opportunity.

CRM integration can help religious organizations bridge the gap between constituents, improve efficiency, deduplicate records, automate processes, and maintain data reliability.

VolunteerHub integrates with industry leading CRM systems including all Blackbaud CRM products.

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Without an effective reporting process, religious organizations wont know how their volunteer program is performing. Making strategic decisions, based on data, is crucial to the success of any volunteer program. VolunteerHub comes with standard reports that allow organizations to quickly view and analyze volunteer rosters, sign-in sheets, and registration history based on event or supporter.

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With such a heavy reliance on volunteers, it is important for large churches and religious organizations to have effective volunteer scheduling software. VolunteerHub offers an industry-leading church volunteer scheduling software solution that provides organizations with features to streamline recruitment, registration, engagement, communication and program reporting.


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