2021 has come to a close and 2022 is here. Check out these 10 most viewed VolunteerHub articles of 2021.

Besides being an industry-leading provider of volunteer management software, VolunteerHub is also a thought leader for nonprofit organizations all over the world.

In fact, VolunteerHub’s blog receives hundreds of thousands of views each year. For 2021, the most popular topics on the VolunteerHub blog included volunteer recruitment, training, and management best practices.


Below are the 10 most viewed articles on the VolunteerHub blog in 2021.


25 Quotes That Can Inspire Volunteers

Volunteer Management Process: 4 Effective Strategies

How to Keep Track of Volunteer Hours

7 Elements to a Successful Volunteer Training Program

Our 8 Favorite Ways to Engage and Retain Volunteers

Manage Volunteers Successfully: 15 Strategic Tips 

Volunteer Recruitment Tips for Your Nonprofit

Is Your Nonprofit Setting SMART Goals? 

Volunteer Recruitment Plan: 5 Components to Focus on Today

How to Lead Volunteers Towards Mission Attainment


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