In most nonprofits, the line between donor and volunteer is very blurred.

The majority of your supporters give both time and money to the organization they love so much. You see the same faces at fundraising galas as you do at volunteer events.

It’s likely that you manage these two groups in very different ways. Your finance team may have no idea how much time your top contributors volunteer, and your volunteer coordinator may not be aware that the couple running the popcorn booth are some of the top givers to the organization. A volunteer’s mailing address gets updated on the coordinator’s spreadsheet, but when the yearly giving campaign rolls around, your expensive mailer goes to their old address.

The Risks of a Disintegrated Constituent Base

When you use completely different software and coordinators for both groups, you run the risk of not taking full value of your constituent base. Your most committed fans may not be on the top of both your donor or volunteer hour lists, but are active on both sides. Many donors may be interested in volunteering more, but are simply not plugged into the opportunities like they could be.

If you recognize these challenges, you are not alone. A recent survey of 200 nonprofit organizations revealed that “connecting volunteer and donor information” is the number one challenge in the area of donor management, and the risks of a disintegrated constituent base.

CRM Study Challenges

Wouldn’t it be great to have a more holistic view of your constituent base? Wouldn’t you love to be able to maintain just one volunteer database of information?

The Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to fundraising and donor management, the only question seasoned leaders ask is not what software you use, but how long you’ve been using The Raiser’s Edge. It is the most commonly-used nonprofit CRM and has thirty years of experience behind it. The same survey mentioned above stated that 51% of nonprofit organizations that use a CRM are using The Raiser’s Edge.

CRM Usage

As a leader, you want your team to have the best tools in front of them. And when the best play well together, everyone wins.

With VolunteerHub’s integration with The Raiser’s Edge, you can do just that.

The Ultimate Database Tool

This integration works as a plug-in to The Raiser’s Edge. It can synchronize all of your new volunteer data into your donor database by creating new constituents or merging with existing constituents. You can also see volunteer event registrations and logged hours from within The Raiser’s Edge.

This simple plug-in addresses the top two headaches of donor management: manual data entry & validation and lack of system integration, and fixes the pitfalls of a disintegrated constituent base . It will not only save you from spending hours importing, exporting, and reformatting data, but will more importantly give you a better overall picture of your constituents and how engaged they are on multiple fronts.

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