Investing in volunteer management software, like VolunteerHub, can reduce stress and inefficiency that often leads to turnover in the volunteer coordinator role.

According to a recent retention report, published by the Work Institute, the voluntary turnover rate for nonprofits is around 27 percent. With the all-industry turnover average around 12 percent, this statistic is alarming. The same report claims that if this trend continues, the voluntary turnover rate for nonprofits could reach 35 percent by 2023. With high staff turnover, comes the need for nonprofit organizations to optimize processes and leverage tools that can help combat it.

According to a nonprofit employee turnover article, published on Nonprofit Pro, one of the top reasons for high turnover rates in the nonprofit industry is excessive workloads, an experience that is especially common for volunteer coordinators. For volunteer coordinators, volunteer management software provides automation that can reduce workload, increase efficiency, and prevent burnout.

Here are a few reasons why nonprofit organizations should consider VolunteerHub to help reduce volunteer coordinator turnover.

VolunteerHub helps volunteer coordinators make better use of time

As a volunteer coordinator, making the best use of time is key. With VolunteerHub, many organizations have saved thousands of hours recruiting, engaging, and managing volunteers. For volunteer coordinators, an automated volunteer management process relieves stress by freeing up time, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their volunteer program. This is important for nonprofit organizations because year-over-year volunteer coordinator has been ranked one of the most stressful jobs in America. VolunteerHub helps volunteer coordinators by automating many of the daily tasks that they need to complete to run a successful program.

VolunteerHub solves some of the biggest pain points for coordinators

According to an article published by Personify, two of the top five biggest challenges for volunteer coordinator’s include recruitment and retention. These two tasks, if done manually, can lead to excessive workload and unrealistic expectations. If not addressed, this can lead to turnover. VolunteerHub’s volunteer management software solves these pain points are more. Below are a few ways that VolunteerHub helps volunteer coordinators address recruitment and retention challenges.


With VolunteerHub, volunteer coordinators can easily create landing pages that are customized to a specific event or corporate partner and allow volunteers to self-register. Volunteers can quickly and efficiently self-register for the opportunities that interest them, and complete the registration process from any device with an internet connection. When a volunteer enrolls for an opportunity their data is automatically stored in the system, eliminating data-entry errors and making follow-up communication easier. For volunteer coordinators, these automated recruitment tools increases efficiency and productivity, while reducing management time.

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Retention has always been a top challenge for volunteer coordinators. VolunteerHub helps to solve this problem by providing organizations with an automated process for communication and engagement. Volunteer coordinators can create email and text notifications to remind volunteers of upcoming opportunities and promote new opportunities. VolunteerHub also offers gamification features that can be used to develop a rewards and recognition program that makes volunteerism fun for supporters. VolunteerHub provides volunteer coordinators with the tools that they need to create a well-rounded retention strategy, and removes barriers that can lead to lack of fulfillment in their role.

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VolunteerHub provides volunteer coordinators with industry-leading support

When it comes to leveraging software, implementation and support mean everything. VolunteerHub stands behind its volunteer management software and provides industry-leading support to users. Volunteer coordinators who are using the software to engage, recruit, and manage volunteers have access to VolunteerHub’s in-depth knowledgebase, resources, and support team.


Hiring and retaining the right volunteer coordinator can be challenging. Nonprofit organizations can improve the experience for their volunteer coordinator, and reduce turnover, by providing them with the tools to succeed. VolunteerHub helps volunteer coordinators in almost every aspect of their job including recruitment, retention, engagement, management, and reporting.

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