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City Rescue Mission: To serve the homeless and near homeless with help, hope, and healing.

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City Rescue Mission is determined to build bridges to new lives for the homeless and near homeless in Oklahoma City and around the country.  In 2016, the private, faith-based organization provided more than 350,000 meals and 130,000 nights of shelter for individuals in need.  These numbers continue to grow as City Rescue Mission focuses on making a positive impact on even more people in the community.

City Rescue Mission provides services to an average of 325 people per day.  The organization is transforming lives through their short-term, specialized, school, work, and recovery programs.  City Rescue Mission’s programs are aimed to help individuals meet their goals and find safe and affordable housing post program completion.

“Our goal at City Rescue Mission is to help individuals work through the issues that are keeping them homeless” Kristen Hopkins, Volunteer Coordinator, City Rescue Mission

A unique approach to volunteerism.

City Rescue Mission has a unique approach to volunteerism and the roles that their volunteers play in the organization’s mission.  All City Rescue Mission volunteers work directly with clients.  The organization’s focus is to build strong relationships and enable volunteers and clients to work together to achieve goals.

City Rescue Mission coordinates with over 3,400 volunteers who work in conjunction with clients on everyday tasks including meal preparation, housekeeping, maintenance, education, career services, fundraising, and administrative roles.  The organization provides volunteers and clients the opportunity to learn new skills and make friends along the way.

Prior to City Rescue Mission’s adaption of VolunteerHub, their volunteer management process was outdated and difficult to manage.

Communication with volunteers was a tedious process and tied up a lot of their staff’s time.  City Rescue Mission understood that by implementing VolunteerHub they could invest more of their Volunteer Coordinator’s time in building long-lasting relationships that would push the nonprofit forward and have a greater positive impact on the community they serve.

“Having VolunteerHub has freed up time allowing our Volunteer Coordinators to focus on building relationships both internally and externally.” Kristen Hopkins, Volunteer Coordinator, City Rescue Mission


Improving the volunteer management and communication process with VolunteerHub.

City Rescue Mission has made a positive impact on their entire volunteer management process thru the use of VolunteerHub.  The nonprofit organization uses VolunteerHub to list all of their volunteer opportunities online and allow volunteers to self-register for the roles they are interested in.  The event configuration and scheduling features of VolunteerHub have created a streamlined process for City Rescue Mission to promote, retain, and recruit new volunteer prospects that best match specific opportunities.

The reporting features of VolunteerHub have also made the process of preparing, exporting, and analyzing data easier than ever for City Rescue Mission.  City Rescue Mission uses VolunteerHub’s reporting features to review volunteer attendance, monitor activity, identify trends, and optimize their program efforts.  The ability to quickly view, understand, and share data associated with their volunteer program is helping City Rescue Mission become a data-driven organization.

“We have been able to list opportunities online and allow volunteers to self-register which has broken down barriers that our previous process had and has given us a valuable asset…. time.” Kristen Hopkins, Volunteer Coordinator, City Rescue Mission

One of City Rescue Missions goals is to keep volunteers coming back and create organizational involvement on a regular basis.  VolunteerHub’s volunteer communication features such as email and text notifications are allowing them to meet that goal.  The organization uses VolunteerHub to automate their communications process and notify their volunteer base of new opportunities they may be interested in based on their involvement history and skill set.

 “Implementing VolunteerHub has greatly improved our communication process with our volunteers and has led to many new opportunities for volunteers to support our organization.” Kristen Hopkins, Volunteer Coordinator, City Rescue Mission

City Rescue Mission - Growing Plants


Continuing to grow one relationship at a time.

City Rescue Mission is making a huge impact on the homeless and near-homeless community in Oklahoma City and around the world.  In 2016, the faith-based organization provided its life-changing services to over 2,800 individuals and enlisted the help of over 2,900 volunteers.  These numbers continue to grow as City Rescue Mission uses VolunteerHub to refine and enhance their volunteer management program and create new opportunities for organizational involvement.  The future for City Rescue Mission, their clients, and their volunteers looks bright as they continue to make a difference one relationship at a time.
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