Volunteer Sign-Up Calendar

Simplify scheduling, organization, and reporting by having your volunteer sign-up calendar online with VolunteerHub.

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Creating Volunteer Events

No More Handwritten Volunteer Calendars!

Does your nonprofit desire to publish volunteer events online? There can be many tangible benefits in doing so; however, many nonprofits struggle with the perceived technical issues of such volunteer systems. With VolunteerHub, you can instantly schedule volunteers on the web by linking to your VolunteerHub portal – no technical background required.

The VolunteerHub platform was designed specifically for the needs of nonprofits. Unlike traditional handwritten volunteer calendars, VolunteerHub provides a centralized, web-based volunteer management system that plugs in seamlessly to your existing website.

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    Change the style and layout of the volunteer sign up calendar to fit your company’s branding

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    24-7 access of event information to prospective volunteers and your administrative staff

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    Volunteers can review upcoming events while administrative teams can review events which require more people.

Advanced Volunteer Sign-Up Calendar Features

Our volunteer signup calendar also offers more advanced features, allowing your users to customize event details. VolunteerHub allows you to set up user groups, enabling certain users to publish events without modifying the events of other groups. Use the sub-event feature to list specific duties, shifts, and details pertaining to each volunteer opportunity.

In addition, VolunteerHub allows you to set restrictions on attendees based on group or individual criteria.

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VolunteerHub provides that features that your organization needs to get the most out of your volunteer program and eliminate time constraints. Request a demo to learn how VolunteerHub can help your organization better recruit, engage, and manage volunteers.

Move Your Volunteer Sign-up Calendar To The Web

By having your volunteer calendar online, you empower your nonprofit through streamlined efficiencies. VolunteerHub is available for nonprofits across many different industries! We’re confident that you will love it – get started today by clicking the link below or calling us at (877) 482-3340.