Social Media Integration

Our volunteer management tool makes it easy to share volunteer opportunities with Social Media Integration.

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Screenshot of Social Media Integration on Facebook to benefit an event managed on VolunteerHub software
Screenshot of Social Media Integration on Twitter promoting an event managed with VolunteerHub software on an iPhone

Increase your volunteer engagement on social media by integrating with VolunteerHub.

Word of mouth is powerful and can be a useful tool to promote your events or recruit volunteers.

Not to mention, encouraging your volunteers to bring their friends and family creates a stronger sense of community, and volunteers are more likely to continue to give their time to your organization if they can include people they love.

VolunteerHub makes it easy to take advantage of this engagement opportunity with social media integration. VolunteerHub’s Volunteer View, the latest version of the volunteer interface and experience, includes integrated social media options. All new VolunteerHub sites include integrated social media options within the volunteer portal.

Get More Connected With VolunteerHub.


Encourage volunteers to share opportunities on social media.

You can include icons/links for up to six social media sites on your VolunteerHub site.

Encourage volunteers to share opportunities across their social media accounts.

Volunteers can share events on Facebook and Twitter after they have registered to let others know they’re participating. If a volunteer chooses to share an event, this will open the corresponding site in a new tab and allow them to sign in and edit their post before publishing. The resulting post will include a link to the event in your VolunteerHub site.

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