Single Sign-On

Enjoy the efficiency of single sign-on into our volunteer management tool.

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Screenshot of VolunteerHub Single Sign-On Functionality on a laptop

Make the process as easy as possible with single sign-on.

VolunteerHub offers single sign-on, which allows users to use one set of credentials, like a username and password, to access multiple applications.

This service saves time and offers greater convenience while using our volunteer management software by eliminating additional sign-ons when the user switches applications during the same session.

Save More Time With VolunteerHub.

VolunteerHub only requires one username and password for users.

There’s no need for users to remember several different username and password combinations. VolunteerHub only requires one!

As users switch between applications and tools like the Onsite App and the Deduplication tool, they will not be required to sign in multiple times.

Screenshot of VolunteerHub Event Management Single Sign-On Software Functionality Screenshot of VolunteerHub Single Sign-On Deduplicate Function

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