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  • Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley Case Study Interview

    In this podcast episode, we talk to Donna Martin, Volunteer Services Manager for Boys & Girls Clubs of the Valley to learn more about her organization’s mission and how have gained immense value from VolunteerHub.

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  • Mercy Chefs Case Study Interview

    VolunteerHub has helped Mercy Chefs automate volunteer management and create a streamlined, easy-to-use, system for volunteers. We had an opportunity to talk to Molly MacDonald, lead volunteer coordinator for Mercy Chefs and learn how her organization is leveraging VolunteerHub.

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  • Implementation and Training FAQs

    Listen to Matthew Murphy, Implementation and Training Manager for VolunteerHub, answer 10 frequently asked questions about client onboarding.

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  • West Houston Assistance Ministries Case Study Interview

    With the help of VolunteerHub, West Houston Assistance Ministries (WHAM) has reduced administrative time, grown active volunteers, increased donations, and is better engaging corporate partners. Listen to this podcast, where we interview Matthew Herrera, volunteer manager for WHAM.

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  • Our Blog

    Stay up-to-date with VolunteerHub and the latest thought-leadership on volunteer management, industry-insights, and nonprofit best practices.

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  • Software Overview

    VolunteerHub streamlines volunteer management for you and simplifies the experience for your volunteers. Check out this brief video overview of our software.

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  • Using Social Media to Recruit Volunteers

    Social media is a powerful, yet affordable, way to inform, engage, and recruit volunteers. Here are 7 tips to help your organization recruit and engage volunteers and volunteer prospects on social media.

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  • 7 Tips for Building a Volunteer Engagement Strategy

  • 5 Effective Ways to Retain Volunteers

    In the last 12 months, the value of a volunteer hour increased to $29.95. How does your organization plan to retain more volunteers in 2023? Here are a few actionable strategies to help you create an effective retention plan.

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  • 7 Tips for Reviewing Your Volunteer Program

    Your volunteers are some of your organization’s most valuable resources. Are you getting the most value from each hour donated to your cause? Our guide offers helpful tips for streamlining volunteer programs and keeping your existing volunteers engaged. Learn how to constructively review your volunteers, streamline existing processes, and align resources toward achieving your mission.

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  • 10 Volunteer Satisfaction Survey Questions Your Organization Should Ask

    Creating a successful volunteer satisfaction survey begins by asking the right questions. Here are 10 questions your organization should start asking volunteers today.

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  • Donor & Volunteer Management – 200 Nonprofits

    This report provides insights from 200 nonprofits, including: CRM utilization rates, donor management best practices, and tips for converting volunteers to donors.

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  • Volunteer Management Software – 151 Nonprofits

    30% of nonprofits still use spreadsheets to manage volunteers and events. Download this study of 151 nonprofit organizations to learn best practices for managing volunteers, events, and selecting technology.

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  • Engaging Corporate Volunteers – 132 Nonprofits

    70% of nonprofits rely on volunteers from the for-profit sector. Download this study of 132 nonprofit organizations to learn best practices for identifying and engaging corporate volunteers.

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  • What to Look for in Volunteer Management Software

    Approximately half of all nonprofits in the United States have yet to adopt a volunteer management software application. Download this free guide to learn what your organization should look for in a system.

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  • Food Bank of the Southern Tier Case Study

    The Food Bank was already using The Raiser’s Edge (hosted edition) as its donor management system, so, when the time came to select a volunteer management software application, VolunteerHub was the natural fit.

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  • Habitat for Humanity Case Study

    Habitat for Humanity affiliates find they can coordinate volunteers for home-building projects with far greater ease, speed, and accuracy than before. It’s all thanks to VolunteerHub, an innovative web-based service.

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  • Broad Street Case Study

    Broad Street was looking for more than just a simple database to record volunteer information. It needed a powerful, cloud-based solution that also integrated with its CRM (eTapestry).

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  • VolunteerHub Flyer

    VolunteerHub helps more nonprofit’s engage, recruit, and manage volunteers than any other volunteer management provider.

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  • 15 Takeaways from The Book on Volunteer Management

    We had the opportunity to take 20 years of expertise and compile it into The Book on Volunteer Management. Check out these 15 takeaways and make sure to get a copy of the book on Amazon.

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  • Volunteer Management Software ROI Infographic

    Volunteer management software can deliver an ROI to your organization in a variety of ways. Here is an infographic detailing the top 5 ways volunteer software can enhance your organization and impact the bottom-line.

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  • Google Grants Application Process

    This checklist provides step by step directions on how to apply for Google Grants.

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  • How to Spot a “Good” Nonprofit

    How are nonprofits building trust online to recruit and engage more volunteers? VolunteerHub and GuideStar recently partnered up to show you what other organizations are doing to get more volunteers, constituents, and donors through trust-building activities.

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  • Volunteer Request to Send to Your Donors

    Some of your best volunteers might be your existing financial contributors. Unfortunately, some nonprofits forget to ask donors to also share their time through volunteerism. Use this free letter template to request volunteer hours from your existing donors. Add your logo, customize the text, and send this to your donors. The content could also be repurposed into an email template.

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  • Software Donation Request

    For-profit corporations can contribute beyond monetary donations. Many organizations find satisfaction by donating tangible goods, including technology and software. Use this free letter template to request VolunteerHub and other software donations for your nonprofit organization. Customize and send this to your corporate sponsors. The content could also be repurposed into an email template.

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  • Volunteer Sign In Sheet

    It is important to keep accurate records for your nonprofit, particularly for volunteer contributions. This is especially true when you consider that each volunteer hour is worth over $28. Download this free document template to keep track of volunteer attendance and hours. Customize and use this template as often as needed. Of course, using volunteer management software like VolunteerHub is more efficient than any paper-based system. As your volunteer list increases, you may want to create a VolunteerHub account instead of relying on paper sign in sheets.

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  • Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

    Sometimes volunteers just want to sign up the old fashioned way. This simple, yet effective volunteer sign up template can help you do exactly that. Print the template, post it, and begin accepting sign ups. Download this free document template to accept volunteer sign ups with pen and paper. Customize and use this template as often as needed. Of course, using volunteer management software like VolunteerHub is more efficient than any paper-based system. In fact, our OnSite app and Virtual Kiosk feature eliminate the need for paper sign up sheets.

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