Intelligent Deduplication

Our volunteer management software simplifies your database with Intelligent Deduplication.

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Tablet Dedup

Take the guess work out of finding duplicated volunteer records.

When you’re managing volunteer records, you shouldn’t have to guess whether there are potential duplicates.

In a time when volunteer hours are increasingly more valuable, you simply can’t afford to be guessing who is who. Ensure your volunteer database is accurate with VolunteerHub’s Intelligent Deduplication tool. Unlike traditional or manual deduplication tools, VolunteerHub takes the guesswork out of the process.

Simplify Your Database with VolunteerHub.

Here’s How It Works

Our tool, built in to our volunteer management software, does most of the thinking for you using a proprietary deduplication algorithm. In a matter of minutes, you can eliminate duplicate records in your database.

Simply point and click on the desired action for each record. When done, click “Process Duplicates,” and you’re good.

Open the deduplication tab. From the main navigation, click “People” and then select “Deduplicate.”

VolunteerHub automatically runs its deduplication algorithm, instantly identifying those records most likely to be duplicates.

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