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VolunteerHub is an efficient, innovative volunteer management solution for human service initiatives.

Keeping track of community service hours is extremely important for both volunteers and communities. With state and local budgets tighter than ever, managing local volunteering initiatives is vital. With municipal volunteer programs making up such a large percentage of a community’s active service projects, finding a centralized software for government volunteer opportunities can be quite beneficial for all stakeholders.

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VolunteerHub serves as a community management software, empowering municipalities to track its demand for community and human service volunteers.

  • Dymamic campaigns allow you to configure pages for events so volunteers can easily browse and register for opportunities.

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  • Instantly review attendance records and other important metrics with our cloud-based platform.

  • Export and print helpful reports with a click of your mouse.

  • Configure form fields and workflow to accommodate a wide variety of community service volunteer programs.

VolunteerHub Can Be Used To Manage A Variety Of Community Service Programs, Whether You Need Help With City Volunteers, Local Government, Or Other Groups.

  • Beautification City Volunteer Programs
  • Volunteer Government Jobs
  • Wildlife, Conservation, & Park Volunteer Programs
  • Probationary Work Projects
  • Private Community Service Organizations
  • Federal Volunteer Programs

“VolunteerHub is absolutely worth the investment. Not only has it freed up more of our staff’s time, it has also, more importantly, allowed our volunteers to contribute even more to our cause.”

- Julia Wallis, Volunteer Coordinator, Broad Street
Hospitality Collaborative

Since 1996, no volunteer management solution has offered more than VolunteerHub.