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Enhance your nonprofits fundraising strategy with VolunteerHub.

Nonprofit fundraising is a vital component of an effective charitable business model, and without donors, your organization would struggle to operate.

This leaves the cause you serve unfulfilled, so maintaining a consistent cash flow through reliable fundraising activities is a primary focus of most nonprofits. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of nonprofit fundraising is the management of fundraising volunteers.

Industry experts have valued each donated volunteer hour to be worth over $29.

What is your nonprofit doing to ensure it is yielding maximum return on investment from fundraising volunteer hours? Launching VolunteerHub at your nonprofit ensures you are yielding optimal ROI from volunteer fundraising activity, so you can maximize your efforts and your impact.

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Schedule, manage and track volunteer activity.

  • Scheduling: Our software allows you to set up calendars, ensuring your call center is always fully staffed with your top performers.

  • Communication: You can categorize your workers into specified groups, enabling streamlined communication for future programs.

  • Organization: Within the intuitive dashboard, you can easily set up user groups and reports, providing your organization the full visibility it requires.

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VolunteerHub provides that features that your organization needs to get the most out of your volunteer program and eliminate time constraints. Request a demo to learn how VolunteerHub can help your organization better recruit, engage, and manage volunteers.

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