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  • VolunteerHub is Invaluable to Upper Valley Haven Amid COVID-19

    Upper Valley Haven deployed a community-focused approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. More

  • Is Your Volunteer Program Missing Opportunities?

    Is Your Volunteer Program Missing Opportunities?

    Your volunteer program should create value for your organization and volunteers at the same time. Are you building long-term relationships, or, are you missing opportunities? More

  • Open Hand Atlanta Saves $649,656 Using Gamification in VolunteerHub

    Open Hand Atlanta is using VolunteerHub’s gamification features to engage, retain, and motivate volunteers to provide value through friendly competition. More



VolunteerHub Can Help

VolunteerHub can provide your volunteer program with the tools needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic strategically and efficiently.

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Our volunteer management software can be configured to support organizations of all types and sizes to achieve maximum impact.

Interested in learning more about how VolunteerHub works? Check out this software overview video.