What motivates your organization to be innovative and achieve goals? Is it your team or maybe your donors? For many organizations it is a combination of many things that keep their organization moving forward. Volunteers are an imperative part of the nonprofit world.  At VolunteerHub we love volunteers!

They provide infinite intangible qualities, and many things we could not do without them. It might be stating the obvious that we love them, but here are a few of the amazing things they can add to any team.


Volunteers donate their time and energy to a cause. They have carefully selected organizations they want to be a part of. Since they are not full time employees, they have different perspectives and ideas about how the organization can run.

This allows them to put a personal stamp on events and fundraisers for the nonprofit. A volunteer’s positivity inspires creativity within their environment. They bring a diverse skill set from their daily lives that they can apply to their volunteer efforts. Whether they know it or not, they are giving fresh ideas and new ways to look at giving.


Can you think of the last time you were inspired? Most likely it was because of an individual doing something you admired. Volunteers join organizations for no other reason than to give back and make a difference. They are not getting paid to be there. They truly feel the need to help and give whatever they can. Their presence alone inspires us every day to do and be more.

Volunteers share their love and passion with the world when they join your organization.  They make us want to be better and achieve more than we thought was possible. With their support and encouragement, they inspire us to reach new heights.

Individuals tend to surround themselves with like-minded friends. They encourage others to join causes they are passionate about. By including others with similar mindsets it energizes the entire organization.


Time is one of the most precious commodities for an individual. The majority of people give their time to their loved ones and work. It is extraordinary when people give their cherished time to a common cause. Without their dedication, your nonprofit may not grow nearly as fast.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Volunteers that give their time through a corporation have teamwork in their blood. They want to do better not only for themselves but for their place of work. This makes collaborating and working with them a pleasure. They are excited to help the philanthropy their company supports. Which in turn, creates a substantial amount of camaraderie among employees and volunteers.

Teamwork is a part of their daily practice and they make interactions with other workers seamless. Working well with others can be challenging but your corporate volunteers already have an understanding about how to produce a well-oiled machine.

There are many reasons why we appreciate volunteer’s contribution to an organization. They add passion and innovation to any organization. These are just few reasons why we love volunteers and you should too.

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