Many times the standard definition of a term and its technological definition are quite different. However, Merriam-Webster’s definition of integration cited below accurately describes what software developers are trying to achieve by creating platforms that work well with one another.

Integrate: to form, coordinate, or blend into a functioning or unified whole.

How is VolunteerHub Integrating?

At VolunteerHub we are constantly researching ways to help customers utilize our services in conjunction with other popular nonprofit software solutions. For example, we recently launched an application aimed at making cross-platform unity a snap for users. This tool, our eTapestry Integration App, synchronizes VolunteerHub and eTapestry information into one comprehensive volunteer database, allowing seamless coordination between your volunteer and donor data. Other solutions, such as our Import/Export App, allow you to share data via .csv files to and from platforms like Donor Perfect.

How Does This Help Your Organization?

Like all our efforts, VolunteerHub’s commitment to integration is being made to help your organization save time, money, and valuable resources. We want to rescue your precious time from logging in and out, downloading, uploading, formatting, and entering data. Every minute saved is one more for you to direct toward your mission — and we think we’ll be able to help you reclaim many. If you currently use any number of nonprofit software solutions, our efforts to integrate are also sure to save you a bundle in administrative costs.

If you’re wondering how VolunteerHub can integrate with specific software you currently use, or if you have suggestions on future integration projects, drop us a line at [cryptex][/cryptex]

Krista Balbach is the communications manager at VolunteerHub and has worked in the nonprofit sector in various marketing and communication roles.