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VolunteerHub, the premier provider of volunteer management software, has partnered with Taskly, a leading HR expertise provider, to help nonprofits streamline HR operations.

[Dublin, Ohio] (March 10, 2021) —VolunteerHub was founded to provide nonprofits and other organizations with solutions that save time and streamline operations. A leader in the industry for many years, the VolunteerHub team has assisted its clients with a wide variety of challenges and roadblocks that impact their performance, strategy execution, and mission attainment. In an effort to provide even more support, VolunteerHub is excited to refer its clients to the capabilities of Taskly’s on-demand HR expertise to assist them with recruiting, training, employee turnover, policy development, and other operational challenges.

“We are excited to announce our partnership with Taskly, a leading on-demand HR expertise provider. Our partnership will extend Taskly’s value in delivering cost-effective solutions that increase efficiency and reduce overhead to the nonprofit community,” said Corbit Harrison, Chief Operating Officer for Carr Engineering, Inc., the provider of VolunteerHub.

“As a best-in-class volunteer management provider, it is only natural to partner with a leading provider of HR expertise to help organizations streamline their human resource-related tasks. We believe this partnership provides us with a unique opportunity to help our clients free up additional time and resources beyond the benefits offered by our VolunteerHub platform.”

Did you know that small organizations spend, on average, $18,800 per year to have untrained staff manage HR tasks?

Research has shown that organizations without access to HR expertise frequently ask untrained staff to perform HR-related tasks, which can lead to compliance issues, mistakes, and increased risk for the organization. With Taskly, organizations have easy access to SHRM-certified HR experts. Unlike other offerings, assistance is simply billed by the hour, meaning nonprofits pay only for the services they need. There are no monthly subscriptions or contracts.

Taskly provides organizations with a variety of on-demand HR services including employee handbook review, employee engagement surveys, job description review and posting, new employee hiring and onboarding, and much more. Submitting a task is as easy as navigating to the Taskly website, providing details about the task, and monitoring Task progress.

“Taskly is pleased to be joining forces with VolunteerHub, enabling us to extend our services to VolunteerHub’s broad network of nonprofits, and helping to free nonprofits to focus on their core missions.” said Blythe Coons, Director of Operations for Taskly, Inc.

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About VolunteerHub

Over the past 20 years, Carr Engineering Inc. (CEI), the parent company of VolunteerHub, has built the industry’s leading volunteer management software. The combination of mobile capabilities, automated communication tools, initiative-specific landing pages, volunteer segmentation, and integration with the leading CRM platforms enables customers to drive operational efficiencies and increase opportunity exposure. VolunteerHub is used and trusted by over 1,000 of the largest nonprofit organizations who have managed over 5 billion volunteer hours.


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