Wouldn’t it be nice to have a nametag for
every volunteer? Of course it would. As we pointed out in a recent article, personalizing the volunteer experience often results in lower churn, greater loyalty, and better events altogether.

Here’s the problem: you’re already busy enough coordinating events and managing volunteers. As a result, custom-printed nametags are often viewed as a luxury, falling to the bottom of an event’s to-do list.

Introducing Our On-Demand Nametag Feature

Today we’re excited to officially introduce our on-demand nametag printing feature. Your event coordinators will be glad to learn that this feature requires no extra work by them.

To recap, here’s a summary of how it works.

1. Volunteer Checks In: A volunteer arrives and checks in using the virtual kiosk.

2. Nametag Is Automatically Printed: VolunteerHub instantly prints a personalized volunteer nametag.

3. Grab & Go: The volunteer grabs the nametag, puts it on, and gets to work.

Yep, that’s it. No more last minute mail merges, handwritten labels, or wasted badges. Everything happens real-time, providing an efficient, yet personalized volunteer experience.

Please contact sales@volunteerhub.com to begin printing nametags from VolunteerHub. To purchase the Brother QL-700 label printer for use with VolunteerHub, click here.

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