VolunteerHub can help your center engage, recruit, and manage volunteers. Here are 4 reasons you should consider VolunteerHub when vetting volunteer management software.

Your volunteer center relies on the support of volunteers and community partners to reach goals and obtain its mission. Investing in a volunteer management solution can help your volunteer center develop and deploy a streamlined process for engaging, recruiting, and managing volunteers and partnerships.

With so many volunteer management tools on the market, it can be challenging to identify which solution is right for your volunteer center and will provide the features your program needs to be successful. At VolunteerHub, we have been a leading provider of volunteer management software for over 20 years, and have helped many organizations, including volunteer centers, surpass program goals. To date, VolunteerHub has supported over 2.5 million volunteers and 7 million event registrations.

Your volunteer center can realize many benefits by investing in a volunteer management solution, like VolunteerHub. These benefits include saved time, money, and resources.

If it is time to pursue volunteer management software or switch from another provider, here are 4 reasons you should consider VolunteerHub.

Before we jump into the ways VolunteerHub can streamline your volunteer centers program, check out this video overview of how VolunteerHub works

Industry-Leading Features for Volunteer Centers

VolunteerHub provides the feature-rich solution your volunteer center needs to effectively engage, recruit, and manage volunteers. Many volunteer centers, just like yours, find that VolunteerHub software helps to create a holistic approach to volunteerism at their organization. Here are a few VolunteerHub features that can push your volunteer program to the next level.

Landing Pages/Web-Based Registration

VolunteerHub makes it easy for volunteer centers to promote opportunities and allow volunteers to sign-up online. Your organization can use our web-based solution to create branded landing pages, list available opportunities, and streamline registration. This functionality provides even more value when your volunteer center needs to promote opportunities from partner organizations. If your volunteer center is looking to provide volunteers with an easy-to-understand list of opportunities, VolunteerHub is a great option.

Learn more about Landing Pages (Campaign Pages) / Registration


VolunteerHub is a great solution for volunteer centers because users can create limited administrator accounts that allow partnering organizations to have access, limited to their own events. This functionality makes collaboration possible and can help your volunteer center strengthen relationships within your community.

Hour Tracking

As a volunteer center, it is important that your volunteer data is organized, up-to-date, and easily accessible. VolunteerHub software makes it easy to automate hour tracking and create a well-organized check-in and check-out process for both in-person and virtual volunteers. Using VolunteerHub, reports and records can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection. This hour tracking functionality can save your volunteer center time and increase data reliability.

Learn more about Hour Tracking / Volunteer Database


The steps you take to engage volunteers have the potential to positively or negatively impact retention rates. Today’s volunteers need to be nurtured, communicated with, and recognized. VolunteerHub makes the process of engaging with volunteers easier for your center staff. Your organization can use VolunteerHub to send group emails and texts, integrate your volunteer program and social media platforms, and encourage friendly-competition through a points-based reward program.

Here are a few examples of how organizations are using the VolunteerHub platform to engage volunteers and staff.

Gateway Pet Guardians Create a Unique Points-Based Reward Program Using VolunteerHub’s Gamification Module (Case Study)

Open Hand Atlanta Saves $649,656 Using Gamification in VolunteerHub (Case Study)

The Lightning Couldn’t Imagine Employee Engagement without VolunteerHub (Case Study)


Did you know that, according to a volunteer retention study, 1 out of 3 volunteers who commit to service in one year do not volunteer the next? Retaining volunteers is crucial to the success of your volunteer center and the value you can provide the community and partners.

VolunteerHub can help your volunteer center retain volunteers through effective personalized communication, ease of registration, and rewards and recognition.


Accurate and timely reporting can help your volunteer center better understand volunteer behavior and program efficiency. In VolunteerHub, reports can be generated quickly and used to evaluate volunteer trends, activity, preferences, and ROI. We offer volunteer centers access to an array of standard reports including rosters, sign-in sheets, and registration history (event, user, etc).

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Return on Investment (ROI)

When used strategically, your volunteer management solution should provide a return on investment (ROI). How your volunteer center measures the ROI of your volunteer management solution depends on your overall program goals and mission. A few of the most common ways to measure volunteer software ROI, that may apply to your use, include volunteer value and increases to your  total volunteer pool, the conversion rate between volunteers and donors, and bandwidth in the community (are you increasing partnerships as a result of being streamlined and organized?)

At VolunteerHub, we have built a strong reputation as the premier provider of volunteer management software. Our team has helped many organizations exceed program goals.

Here are a few case studies of VolunteerHub delivering ROI

MANNA Realizes a 3-Month ROI Using VolunteerHub (Case Study)

Food Bank of the Southern Tier Achieves 4-Month ROI from VolunteerHub (Case Study)

San Diego Food Bank Achieves 60% Growth with VolunteerHub (Case Study)


Trusted Implementation Process and Support

Ease of implementation and support is key when launching a volunteer management solution. At VolunteerHub, we take implementation and support seriously and provide resources, training, and guidance to organizations using our platform. If your volunteer center is interested in utilizing a leading volunteer management solution, with a positive reputation post-launch, look no further than VolunteerHub.

Here are some quotes about VolunteerHub Implementation/Support

“I was blown away by how fast VolunteerHub was adopted by the DSC organization and how quickly the solution made an impact towards our mission,” said Myra Khalife, General Secretary for Donner Sang Compter.

“Overall, we are very happy with the relationship that we have with the VolunteerHub team and the features that the volunteer management software is providing our nonprofit on a daily basis,” said John Bode, Food Center & Volunteer Manager for The Jacobs and Cushman San Diego Food Bank.

“Implementing VolunteerHub has allowed our team to spend more time connecting with volunteers and less time on administrative tasks. We are big supporters of VolunteerHub and the efficiency that the solution provides,” said Kari Baudoux, Director of Volunteer Services at Open Hand Atlanta.

“We have had nothing but a positive experience with the VolunteerHub from the start until now. We had a great implementation experience and whenever an issue comes up, the team is quick to provide a fix,” said Catie Ellis, Manager of Human Resources & Volunteer Services for Meals on Wheels People.


Track Record of Success

VolunteerHub has provided thousands of organizations with a streamlined solution for managing and engaging volunteers.

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