The Secret to Volunteer Retention May Be As Easy As Making Their Lives Easier

Volunteer retention is a major part of the nonprofit community. Organizations want to know how and why volunteers continue to give to their missions. There are many reasons volunteers want to continue to support your organization.

Making it easy for your volunteers to participate is key to their retention. Want to learn how converting to technology can make it easier for your volunteers to continue giving their time to your mission?

Volunteer Retention Tip #1: Make Registration Easy

When volunteers choose an organization they want to become involved with, it is important that the registration process is simple. Volunteers will get discouraged and give up if they cannot figure out how to register for events. This will cause your volunteer retention rates to suffer.

In today’s fast-paced society people want tasks completed right away. If they have to call your organization to sign up for events, it is likely they won’t sign up. Volunteers may feel your registration process is too cumbersome or too time-consuming to complete if it is not clearly communicated.

Make the volunteer registration process simple. Communicate the appropriate steps to take directly on your nonprofit’s website with a link to the registration page. Using a volunteer management software can be a great solution for organizing registration online.

You can create a tailored registration page for your volunteers including easy to follow instructions. Click on the link and they are immediately directed to the registration page.

Your organization can retain more volunteers by making this process simple for them.

Volunteer Retention Tip #2: Create Volunteer Groups Based on Interest and Skills

Organizing volunteers into groups based on their interest and expertise is a great way to save them time. It makes registration easier and helps guide them to the correct opportunities.

Automating this process is the best way to organize your volunteers into groups. It will help guard against error, missing a volunteer’s registration, or having a volunteer placed in the wrong “interest” group.

By using a volunteer management software, placing volunteers into groups can be instantaneous. Volunteers can select areas of interest while registering or your administrators can place them into groups after the registration process has been completed.

This will make it easier for volunteers to find the perfect opportunity for their schedule and interests.

Volunteer Retention Tip #3: Send Emails to Volunteer Groups

At times, life gets busy and a volunteer may have other priorities that come before volunteering. They may volunteer for one event and not sign up for another one until the next year. A great way to engage them and keep them interested is sending specific group emails with upcoming opportunities.

Separating your volunteers into groups by talents or interests is a great way for your organization to optimize all of their skills. You can send out a tailored email to a specific group you would like to target.

This can be accomplished by preparing an Excel spreadsheet; however, this is time-consuming and labor-intensive to manually email each volunteer. Using a volunteer management software can simplify and streamline this process.

Let’s say you have a tutoring event and you need more volunteers. You can send an email to all of your parents and teachers requesting their presence. It is that simple and they will be happy you kept them in the loop.

Sending reminder emails is another great way to help make your volunteers’ lives easier. It is easy for life to get in the way of some commitments. Reminding volunteers of their commitments will be greatly appreciated and help ensure they will not miss your event.

Volunteer Retention Tip #4: Make Sign Up Process Quick and Consistent

Communicating and making events easily accessible will encourage volunteers to continue to sign up. Just like the registration process, if it is too challenging to see events and opportunities they will move on. Providing relevant event descriptions can help volunteers make fast decisions on how they would like to participate.

Volunteers do not have time to sort through thousands of opportunities to find what will fit their schedule and interests. By keeping event descriptions organized and constant it makes it easier for volunteers to find what they are looking for.

Simple Tips for Making Volunteers’ Lives Easier

Making your volunteers’ lives easier will help your organization increase volunteer retention. Using the helpful tips above will help cultivate a user-friendly environment for your volunteers. Here are a few more ways you can make life simple for your volunteers and keep them participating:

  • Make all communication clear and concise for volunteers to understand.
  • Be consistent with all forms of communication including social media and emails.
  • Bring opportunities to your volunteers by promoting all events.
  • Be clear about your intentions and goals for each event.

By incorporating the above tips into your volunteer management process, you will also make tasks and communication easier for your team. Make it simple!