Stop and think for a moment: why is your nonprofit considering the purchase of a volunteer management software application? At the end of the day, it should be focused on achieving two goals: becoming more efficient and engaging volunteers on a deeper level.

Oftentimes, however, when evaluating vendors, nonprofits forget to keep these two goals at the forefront of the selection process. Failing to do so can lead to significant confusion, delays, or even a bad decision.

Sure, there are a variety of options. However, not all options are created equal. The choices range from a simple spreadsheet to a volunteer management software application like VolunteerHub. With this in mind, we’ve put together our list of the five must-have features to look for.

Volunteer Self-Registration

Perhaps the most important feature for your organization (and the volunteer) is volunteer self-registration. Let’s face it – most volunteers don’t have time to call your office and sign up for events during normal business hours. That’s why self-registration is so extremely important. Offering volunteers a convenient, online registration portal is more conducive to your volunteers’ busy schedules. They can browse your entire calendar from the convenience of home from any web-enabled device.

From an operational standpoint, volunteer self-registration is also much more efficient than traditional registration models. It lessens the administrative burden placed on your staff, and it also cuts down on communication issues.

Volunteer Nurturing

Although it’s important to allow volunteers to self-register, it’s also equally important that you go out of your way to make them feel appreciated. The good news is that you can use technology to make this a reality by building an automated nurturing strategy.

When evaluating volunteer management software, look for a tool that offers the flexibility to send important event information via email and text. You should also be able to automate the sending of event confirmations and thank-you messages, freeing up more time to spend engaging volunteers instead of just managing them.

Event-Specific Landing Pages

Not every event has the same audienceBranded Landing Pages or branding. So why do you keep sending everyone to the same webpage?

Your organization needs a tool that offers the flexibility to build customizable initiative-specific pages with unique branding, messaging, and sponsor information. In doing so, you’ll find that prospective volunteers will be less confused and more engaged.

Volunteer Self Check-In

The day of an event is always busy and stressful for a volunteer coordinator. Thankfully, a good volunteer management system can alleviate much of the stress by allowing volunteers to self check-in.

VolunteerHub’s Virtual Kiosk takes a unique approach to the self check-in process. Instead of using expensive kiosk equipment, VolunteerHub instantly turns your existing smartphone or tablet into a volunteer kiosk.

CRM Integration

Many volunteers are donors, and VolunteerHub CRMmany donors are volunteers. Connecting your volunteer management software to your CRM is especially useful for converting more super supporters.

Integration with your CRM offers better reporting, fewer errors, reduced administrative costs, and data needed to gain more donations and volunteer time.

Keep Your Goals In Mind

Remember that the volunteer management software you select should help your nonprofit become more efficient and engage more volunteers. Keep this in mind at all times and don’t compromise on your needs.

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