“Key in this new volunteer information.” “Import that spreadsheet.” “Compare these two data files.” “Go into the system and replace the old database with the new one.” “Export the information, remove the duplicates, and then key that into our CRM.”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone.

Collecting data, validating information quality, and administering the process are consuming substantial organizational resources for many nonprofits.

It’s impressive that your organization is doing more with fewer human resources. However, as you look ahead, is this a sustainable solution? How can your organization work smarter (not harder)? What cost-effective solutions are available to improve the productivity of your team while simultaneously minimizing redundancy?

VolunteerHub, the leading volunteer management software, is pleased to announce a great solution your nonprofit can use to increase automation and yield more actionable information.

True CRM Integration: Connect Your CRM & Volunteer Info

What is It?

As a Blackbaud Technology Partner, VolunteerHub has demonstrated a sophisticated level of CRM integration. Our integration with The Raiser’s Edge, Blackbaud CRM, Luminate CRM, Altru, and eTapestry meets the following criteria:

  • Seamless Integration – VolunteerHub’s integration with The Raiser’s Edge installs as a plugin, while synchronization with Blackbaud CRM, Luminate CRM, and eTapestry automatically runs in the background.
  • Deduplication – Ensure you’re not creating duplicate records in your CRM.
  • Self-Updating Data – VolunteerHub routinely prompts volunteers to update their information. This ensures the volunteer information in your CRM is current and reliable.
  • Headache-Free Setup & Support – We set it up and maintain the integration for you. As with all of our offerings, support is included at no additional cost.

What it’s Not

We realize the word “integration” has gotten a bad rap lately. Let us ease your mind by reassuring you of the following.

  • Not a Fancy Import/Export Tool – We call it “true integration” for a reason. Our solution eliminates the need for manual imports and exports.
  • Not a New Database – Our integration allows your volunteer database to “talk to” your CRM. No additional database required!
  • Not a New Headache – Find comfort in knowing that your fundraising and volunteer initiatives are more closely aligned.

The Raiser’s Edge & VolunteerHub

Blackbaud CRM & VolunteerHub

Luminate CRM & VolunteerHub

create new luminate contact

eTapestry & VolunteerHub

eTapestry CRM Integration

Learn More about True CRM Integration

Learn how CRM integration can help your organization identify new efficiencies. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us to schedule a no-obligation demonstration. We’ll show you how connecting your volunteer information to your CRM can yield a significant cost savings and foster a better decision-making environment.

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