Effective volunteer management can help a nonprofit respond to a disaster quicker.

With the COVID-19 pandemic evolving and causing concerns worldwide, many nonprofits are trying to navigate the current situation and leverage their organization and volunteer program to provide community support. Many organizations, managing volunteers, have questions about how to position, adapt, and optimize their volunteer program to be the most effective in times of uncertainty.

The following resources will provide some guidance to nonprofits managing volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to update and add resources below as the situation evolves in the future. Remember, we are all in this together.

Communication with Volunteers

Communication is a crucial component of volunteer engagement. Volunteers look to nonprofits to provide information about opportunities, organizational changes, and current needs. COVID-19 has caused uncertainty for many and effective communication is a top priority. Now, is an important time to be transparent with volunteers and remind them that their contribution will go a long way in providing support and relief to those affected in the community. Here are a few resources to help nonprofits communicate their disaster response effectively.

Communication with volunteers should:

  • Provide information about how they can help.
  • Provide instruction/flexibility.
  • Offer information about other ways to give.
  • Be consistent and transparent.

Volunteer Communication Articles: 



Measuring Impact

The current COVID-19 situation is prompting nonprofit’s all around the world to drive the most impact as possible from their volunteer program. Managing volunteers effectively can help an organization achieve goals, obtain mission, and provide relief to the community. Here are a few resources for measuring and optimizing volunteer and fundraising impact.

Volunteer Impact Article: 


Fundraising Impact Article:


Converting Volunteers to Donors

Some nonprofits may experience a decrease in volunteers willing to provide their time amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. These organizations will still need funding in order to meet their goals and provide as much support as possible to their communities. Volunteer management software can help nonprofits covert volunteers to donors and vice-versa.

Converting Volunteers to Donor Articles:



Protecting Volunteers from Coronavirus

During a pandemic, it is important for a nonprofit to protect both its staff and the volunteers that provide service. The goal is to provide needed support to the community while protecting internal and external stakeholders at the same time.

Consider incorporating the following tips:



Televolunteer Opportunities

Organizations can utilize televolunteers during a time of a crisis such as COVID-19.

Here are a few articles on televolunteering:




Official Agency Websites

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Additional Resources

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