Gamification can make volunteerism, even more, fun for your supporters

There is a competitor in each and every one of us. A healthy dose of competition can be applied to almost every aspect of your life. How about adding a little competition and incentive to volunteering?

VolunteerHub has created a Volunteer Recognition feature that can be added to your nonprofit’s volunteer management software. By adding gamification to your volunteer management efforts it will engage volunteers. The Volunteer Recognition feature will encourage your volunteers to continue to participate and give to your cause.

Reward Participation with Gamification

Your nonprofit has the freedom to design your reward program any way you see fit. Each volunteer opportunity can be given a value. When a volunteer completes a role they will be given the selected value, which they can apply towards designated rewards. This will happen automatically when the volunteer receives hours for the opportunity.

Volunteer recognition feature on VolunteerHub

When volunteers sign in to their account they can view all of the points they have been rewarded. They can see the events they have attended and the point value that was applied to their profile.

A Volunteer Leader Board will encourage friendly competition. Volunteers will have the ability to view their position in comparison to other volunteers within your organization. Doesn’t everyone like to be in the lead?

VolunteerHub's point leader board

Edit and Track Volunteer Recognition

Each administrator can reward or edit the point value given to any volunteer. Your organization can reward more points to volunteers that have gone above and beyond for your nonprofit. Showing appreciation for your volunteers can increase volunteer retention.

The Volunteer Recognition feature in VolunteerHub can be configured to your nonprofit’s specifications. Volunteers can exchange their points for your nonprofit’s branded gear or opportunities your nonprofit organizes. This can also be a great way to increase your nonprofit’s brand awareness. When volunteers wear your gear they are promoting your cause and organization.

Administrators also have the ability to generate reports showing reward balances for specific volunteers and opportunity types. You can enter specifications and quickly pull the desired report.

By pulling your desired report, your nonprofit can assess where your volunteers are motivated to give their time. Assessing your marketing efforts and events is a great way improve your volunteer management processes.


The new Volunteer Recognition feature in VolunteerHub will be a great incentive for volunteers to continue to give their time. This is a great way to reward your volunteers for how they are participating with your organization and making your volunteer program fun and competitive.

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