Increase your volunteer conversions with these easy to implement strategies.

How many of your visitors actually register to become volunteers? Understanding your volunteer conversions and what is driving them is crucial to your nonprofit’s success.

VolunteerHub’s Google Analytics™ service integration delivers the data you need to answer this question – and much more. Many nonprofits use this platform to track the effectiveness of their web initiatives.

In this post, we’ll discuss best practices for tracking volunteer conversions.

Converting Web Visitors to Volunteers

Your organization may receive hundreds of unique visitors each day. Over the course of a calendar year, you may have thousands of different web visitors who are interested in getting involved. Is your website effective at getting them to sign up?

Thanks to VolunteerHub’s seamless integration, you can now monitor this important metric. Here’s how it works.

Each time a new volunteer registers, he or she is sent through the VolunteerHub registration wizard. At the end of the registration, the volunteer sees a confirmation page such as this:

volunteerhub confirmation page
Provide your webmaster with this confirmation URL. Your webmaster can then enable goal tracking by creating a goal for this destination URL.

Once enabled, you can then build goal tracking reports and dashboards. If you notice that visitors seem to lose interest somewhere along the way, it may be time to reconsider the design or wording on your organization’s website. Or, perhaps it’s time to refresh your call to actions.

Gain a 360-Degree View of the Volunteer Lifecycle

Understanding the online behavior of your volunteers will help you make better decisions and convert more volunteers. VolunteerHub’s integration offers a multi-faceted view of your volunteers’ interactions with your organization.

New call-to-action