It’s obviously important to build trusting relationships with your volunteers. However, it’s difficult to forge such relationships if you’re letting volunteers of questionable character through your pre-screening process.

To alleviate this concern, some nonprofits have experimented with background screening services. The problem is that background checks can be tedious, costly, and time-consuming.

Today, VolunteerHub is excited to announce our relationship with PeopleFacts, the industry’s most affordable, convenient, and reliable volunteer screening system.

Introducing PeopleFacts for Volunteer Screening

By working with PeopleFacts, a fully accredited background screening agency, VolunteerHub customers gain peace of mind knowing their volunteers are who they say they are. PeopleFacts streamlines the process of routine background checks for all your volunteers. Here’s an overview of the volunteer screening services offered by PeopleFacts:

  • Criminal record searches
  • Social Security Number verifications
  • Additional name and address searches
  • Motor vehicle reports (MVRs)
  • Reference checking
  • Education and employment verification
  • Workers’ Compensation reports
  • Credit reports
  • Drug and alcohol screening

Special Offer for VolunteerHub Customers

VolunteerHub customers qualify for at least a 12% discount on all screening needs. Best of all, there are no contracts, no monthly support fees, and no monthly minimums associated with using PeopleFacts.

Click here to learn more about PeopleFact’s accreditation and how to get started risk-free.

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