Background checks, orientation, and training are just a few steps that new volunteers encounter at your nonprofit.

Tracking the volunteer onboarding progress can create a substantial amount of administrative work, especially if done manually. In addition, permitting even one volunteer to slip through without proper screening or training can cause significant damage to your organization.

Thankfully, VolunteerHub’s Volunteer Approval Workflow is here to help you reduce risk and enhance operational efficiency when onboarding new volunteers.

Here’s how it works.

Automatically Flag New Volunteers as “Unapproved”

With this feature, administrators can create a list of “unapproved users.” Admins can create specific tasks for new volunteers to complete before being allowed to register for events. Common tasks include:

  • Submitting applications and letters of recommendations
  • Participating in a site tour
  • Completing a background check
  • Participating in an interview
  • Completing orientation

volunteer approval workflow

What Users Will See

Unapproved users can log into VolunteerHub, see what tasks remain, and follow the approved chain of events to complete the process. Admins can log in at any time to view progress and offer suggestions or support.

volunteer portal approval workflow

Build New Efficiencies at Your Nonprofit

This feature empowers volunteer coordinators to verify that every volunteer has gone through the proper screening and onboarding processes, as defined by your organization. You set the rules, and then let VolunteerHub manage the process for you.

Thanks to the Volunteer Approval Workflow feature, your nonprofit will experience more efficient operations and better-prepared, highly engaged volunteers.

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