Now that you have made the decision to switch from manual data entry to a volunteer management system it is time to prepare your volunteers. Change can produce growing pains for your organization, but the key is to remember how this transition will benefit your nonprofit. If you and your team make it look simple, your volunteers will follow suit. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your volunteers for the transition to volunteer management software:

Seamless Transition to Volunteer Management Software

During your transition to your new software, you need to prepare your organization first. There are many benefits to using a new volunteer management software. One benefit is the ability for your team to import current volunteer information into the system.

After the volunteer information is imported, you can send out a specialized email to invite the volunteers to register within the new system. Each email can be tailored to fit your volunteers’ needs and make it easy for them to understand the process.

The email will walk the volunteer through the entire process. Sending an email makes the transition less stressful for you and your volunteers.

Communicate Your Exciting News

Volunteers want to be involved in your mission, this is why they have chosen to be a part of your organization. Keep them informed about every decision you make.

Send out an email, text message, or post on social media to inform all volunteers of the exciting news. Share your accomplishments in addition to communicating how this will make your volunteer management efforts more efficient.

Show Them How Easy It Is

The phrase “seeing is believing” is well known to us all. People learn in different ways, but if they can see the process it makes it easier to adapt.

You can show them how the new system works by hosting a webinar, doing an in-house training, starting a Facebook group, or creating a YouTube video demonstrating the process. When they have hands-on learning opportunities it will make the change seem less overwhelming.

Practice Makes Perfect

Not all volunteers will understand the new system right away. Change can be stressful. Some of your volunteers may not be tech-savvy. Helping your volunteers walk through the new registration process may work wonders for certain volunteers.

Going the extra mile for the few who don’t catch on quickly can help them feel more comfortable with the new process. This can be done in person or by scheduling a virtual meeting with your volunteers. By making them feel comfortable with the system they will be more comfortable with the transition.

Deploying tools to help manage volunteers will take your organization to the next level. As a result, it will grow your volunteer management and engagement efforts while reaching more volunteers than you have in the past.

Making sure your volunteers are on board and feel comfortable with the new process is key to creating a new system. Engage, communicate, and show your volunteers how you are about to make everyone’s involvement more efficient.

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