At VolunteerHub, we wrote The Book on Volunteer Management…literally. The Book on Volunteer Management compiles 20 years of expertise into a valuable resource. The book is filled with best practices and strategies for organizing, managing, and retaining volunteers.

This week (10/16 – 10/20) you can download the Kindle version of the eBook free on Amazon!

Why Download the eBook?

The Book on Volunteer Management outlines and describes the most successful methods for managing volunteer programs today. Each chapter was created to help organizations, just like yours, improve key components of their volunteer program and streamline processes.

Our book can help you:

  • Understand the history, evolution, and future of volunteerism.
  • Engage volunteers by understanding their motivations.
  • Capitalize on the latest volunteerism trends and best practices.
  • Convert volunteers to donors and vice-versa.
  • Save time by developing more efficient management strategies.
  • Attract new volunteers with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.
  • Communicate with volunteers across multiple channels.
  • Define and apply metrics for measuring program performance.

For a select time (10/16 – 10/20), you can download the Kindle eBook free. Get your copy here: