If you’ve read many of our blog posts, you know that we’re very proud of this fact: since 1996, VolunteerHub has been used to manage over 5 billion volunteer hours. As impressive as this is, it’s also important to remember that each hour contributed has a unique story and impact on a community.

In this post, we thought it would be prudent to let some of our customers do the talking. Here are just a few nice things customers have said about us over the years.

Happy VolunteerHub Customers

“VolunteerHub is in-line with the technology revolution and how people expect to communicate these days. As more and more people are dependent on technology, it just ‘fits’ with their lifestyles. They can [even] log on in the middle of the night and sign up for all kinds of things without me having to do a thing!” -Amy Waggoner, Volunteer Coordinator and Board Member of Blue Dog Rescue in Austin, Texas

“It’s easy…we can mass communicate with all volunteers or just specific groups of people, like Dog Walkers, or Fosters, et cetera.” -Marci Glennon, Marketing Team Lead for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in the Houston area

“VolunteerHub isn’t just for volunteers. It’s a useful tool for any organization needing to coordinate many individuals and groups involved in many events.” -Janet Sanfilippo, Associate to the Dean at Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University

“The system simplifies my life. I was getting a ton of email every day, so I didn’t have time to deal with much more. Now VolunteerHub keeps my event-related correspondence to a minimum.” -Steven Koons, Vice President of Max M. Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University’s Masters of Accounting student group

“Saving time and assuring accuracy–that’s what I like most about using VolunteerHub. Before, it was tough to keep track of who was coming to our events and what other student events we might be competing with. Now when I go to the VolunteerHub site, I can see the whole schedule at a glance and get an up-to-the-minute report of who has signed up for a particular speaker.” -Jacob Cannon, FCOB Student Real Estate Society

“I’m a ‘regular’ with Habitat for Humanity, so I use VolunteerHub frequently to sign up for construction projects. The website has been very useful and effective for me.” -Jane Salland, Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver

“We started using VolunteerHub in spring 2004, and have relied on it as our primary method of scheduling volunteers ever since. Now we post build days on the web for every Wednesday through Saturday. It’s not unusual for 60 volunteers to register for each day.” -Eliza Schissel, Volunteer Program Manager for Habitat for Humanity of East Bay

“If you manage hundreds of volunteers for your event, this is a must-have product.” -Ruth Rudibaugh, Director of Operations at Ohio Premier Girls Soccer Club

“[VolunteerHub] allows volunteer autonomy and accountability. The volunteers have control…The majority of our members appreciate the convenience of self-scheduling.” -Sue Schory, Greater Libertyville Soccer Association Board Secretary

“Great software! I love how easy it is for everyone to read.” -Kawanise Mims, Volunteer Coordinator at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity

“We’ve used VolunteerHub at Habitat Wake County for about 6 years. It was certainly vital for growing our volunteer program to manage 10,000+ volunteers per year. This includes multiple Construction sites, Deconstruction, A Brush With Kindness and now four ReStores…we’re happy to use the Hub to it’s full potential and appreciate the open dialogue between ourselves and the team!” -Anne Polesnak, Volunteer Coordinator at Habitat for Humanity of Wake County

“This system has limited phone traffic during the holiday season. What a blessing!!” -James (Dick) House, Volunteer Coordinator at Cityteam Ministries

“As the volunteer coordinator for Habitat Forsyth, VolunteerHub has freed me up from receiving a phone call or email from every single person who wants to volunteer with us. They get to the site from our Habitat site. Groups still need to contact me, but that’s fine. It’s easy to load and easy for volunteers to use.” -Debbie Cesta, Mgr. Corporate and Community Engagement at Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth County

“Before VolunteerHub, each call or email that came in from interested volunteers was receiving a personal response. Then I liken the next step to ‘pin the tail on the donkey,’ because you would tell them of opportunities guessing at which ones would be a good match. Time intensive, and not highly effective. Since VolunteerHub, here’s an actual example:  Volunteer A calls and wants to do X. We don’t really have a need for X. In the past we would either have to try to accommodate, or cut the volunteer loose. Now that we have VolunteerHub, Volunteer A calls in and is immediately directed to a list of current opportunities on the website. While X is not listed, Volunteer A found 4 other opportunities that he did like, and signed himself up to meet our actual need!” -Amanda Keeter, Director of Development at Children At Heart Foundation

“At the foodbank where I work, we have used VolunteerHub for more than 5 years and we love it! It really is a full-service tool for managing all aspects of a nonprofit organization’s volunteerism department. The program is flexible, with many options that work for groups of various sizes. And the customer service is the best! Service tickets are handled quickly, too. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to effectively manage a volunteerism department with an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool. We only have two staff members managing over 6,500 volunteers – and the VolunteerHub makes it easier!” -Jan Cline, Volunteer Department Manager at Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and the Eastern Shore

“Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick County has been using VolunteerHub since the late 1990s, primarily to manage the 300-400 volunteers per month who come to us to help build our houses. During our high build seasons, the ease of programming our ongoing construction events and specific details about each build day, and the ability to e-communicate with each volunteer who signs up online leads to an efficient effort by the one staff person responsible for volunteerism. Our monthly volunteer reports, and the ability to convert volunteers into invitation mailings to our annual volunteer appreciation picnic are only a few features we use on a regular basis. Also important is the VolunteerHub support staff. They have provided quick responses and even spent one-on-one time with me when I needed help in setting up a “private” ongoing construction schedule for volunteer employees of a major corporation to access.” -Jan Lower, Program Director at Habitat for Humanity of Winchester-Frederick County

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