1. Implementation and Training FAQs

    Listen to the full audio recording In this interview, we cover the most frequently asked questions about VolunteerHub implementation and training, as well as provide insights into what new clients... More

  2. Volunteer Training: Exceeding Expectations

    Updated: 3/4/2022 Having a good training process is an important first interaction with volunteers. Is your volunteer training program exceeding expectations? Benjamin Franklin once said “An investment in knowledge always... More

  3. How to Organize Volunteer Information from Past Events

    Sometimes volunteer opportunities occur at a spur of the moment, allowing little time for planning (or post-event data analysis). However, the timeliness of an event does not diminish the need... More

  4. Enhancements Announced for Virtual Kiosk

    The latest version of VolunteerHub offers some important enhancements, including upgrades to our popular volunteer kiosk feature. Here’s a rundown of what’s new. Kiosk Now Uses Device’s Native Keypad Customers... More

  5. VolunteerHub Helps Keep Your Nonprofit CAN-SPAM Compliant

    How many emails does your organization send each day? If you’re like most nonprofits, the number is likely in the hundreds or even thousands. Out of all the emails sent,... More

  6. March VolunteerHub User Forum: Recurring Events

    We'd love for you to attend our next User Forum on Thursday, March 28th at 4 PM Eastern. VolunteerHub User Forums are your opportunity to learn about the system, get... More

  7. Quick Video: Finding your Look-and-feel and Messaging Settings

    In the next few days we’ll be activating the new Landing Pages feature. Part of this new feature involves moving the messaging settings, currently found on the Setup/Organization tab, and... More

  8. Feature Spotlight: Landing Pages

    What if there was a way for your organization to create “micro hubs” that could be customized with an event sponsor’s color scheme and branding? What if you could set... More

  9. Watch Demo: Uploads App for VolunteerHub

    We recently held several webinars to showcase our new Uploads App for VolunteerHub.  Due to overwhelming demand, we have decided to post the video transcript of the webinar.  Click on... More

  10. “Let Me Repeat Myself:” Using VolunteerHub’s Recurring Events Feature

    If your organization hosts events that repeat on any kind of a regular basis -- whether daily, yearly, or some interval in between -- make sure you are taking advantage... More

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